Labrador Harbor Mission Statement -

Our purpose is to provide life-saving intervention through resources, support, and charitable funds, to dogs in need.

Through our application process, we will assess the needs of each dog, verify medical needs through the treating veterinarian, and disperse funds or resources based on our eligibility criteria and availability. We encourage rescue organizations to accept into their care senior or medically fragile dogs for re-homing, by assisting with financial aid upon application and approval of funds. 

We endeavor to educate the public about the responsible care and humane treatment of dogs.

Labrador Harbor has distributed over $84,000 in funds and helped over 570 dogs to date.

Labrador Harbor Board Member Bios:

Sue Frounfelter, Secretary/Treasurer

Sue co-founded Labrador Harbor and has served as Treasurer and Secretary since 2005. Sue is the proud mom of Cassidy, a chocolate Labrador and several angel dogs that inspired the founding of this organization. Sue enjoys hiking, photography, scrapbooking, and baking in her spare time.


Mike Frounfelter, President

Mike's professional career has been in the technology and travel industry for many years. But a computer cannot give the kind of love that you get from a dog. Mike's hope is that no dog will ever be left behind because of treatable medical or physical problems. He has seen first-hand how resilient these family members can be when given some extra love and attention in their times of need.


A Drop of Hope Can Make All the Difference in the World -
- Mike Frounfelter - President, Labrador Harbor

In 2002, our 9-year old yellow Lab, Edna, was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was later determined to be cancer. Dr. Levitsky of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital recommended immediate surgery as the primary option for removing the cancer. The surgery, which was thought to remove all of the tumor, would be followed with radiation treatments in an effort to eliminate any further cancer growth. The expense of these treatments was not our primary concern, but we knew that at some point the bills would come due and we had limited resources. Despite the cancer and grand-mal seizures, Edna was full of life and never once showed us any sign that she was ready to give up.

Sue began researching financial aid resources and applied for funds through organizations that helped dogs like Edna, families like ours. The Animal Welfare Foundation provided us with a small amount of financial assistance. Against the overwhelming amount of the total costs, this small amount seemed like it would not make a difference at all. But it made all of the difference in the world. It gave Sue and I hope. It told us that someone else out there believed in Edna's recovery - believed we were doing everything we could to save this wonderful lab. At a time, when Sue and I were both feeling that we were the only ones fighting for Edna's life, this helping hand came to say - "Here, we believe in her life too."

Our Edna passed away in the summer of 2003, but she will always remain in our hearts. She made a huge impact on all of the lives she touched. Sue and I joined Labrador Rescuers in San Diego in an effort to keep her memory alive and offer our help to other Labs who were in need of homes and medical assistance. We learned a lot from our time with the rescue group, but felt that our unique experiences would be better served directly helping families and rescue groups - offering some financial assistance and resources to the best of our ability. We want to offer hope to the Labs and the families that care for them. Sometimes, just a few words can provide the drop of hope that can make all the difference in the world.