The Tributes page is dedicated to Labs who have made deep, lasting impressions on our lives. They are more than mere animals. The tributes here testify how the love of a dog can profoundly change the way you see the world. Considering the short amount of time I had with Edna, my memories or her remain strong. She changed me - made me a better human.
- Mike Frounfelter, President, Labrador Harbor

If you have lost a Lab who has had a significant change on your life, please send a biography and a picture to Sue Frounfelter, E-mail:

In Memory of: Brandi Frounfelter
Dedication by: Mike and Sue Frounfelter

Brandi Frounfelter
7/17/03 – 5/8/18

This song was written for this amazing girl. Even words AND music are not enough to capture her spirit!

Brandi's Song on Sound Cloud


In Memory of: Bear Frounfelter
Dedication by: Sue Frounfelter

Bearsie Louise – Precious Gift
10/29/96 – 7/3/2010

I was not sure if I wanted to share this with “strangers,” but it is too special to remain private. Bear was a precious gift to each of us every single day of her life. She was strong when we needed protection, quietly steadfast when we needed comfort, loyal and loving to each of us all the time. She was spunky, with a little sass thrown in for good measure. She watched over her sister wherever we were and made instant friends when we were out and about. Oh, and she was the softest Lab ever to walk the earth.

During our quiet time together at night, I told her how precious she was, and what that word meant (precious: most loved, most special, treasured and dear), and that it said so right on her collar (both she and Brandi had a pink collar charm with the word “precious” printed on it). While lying together at the hospital the night before we lost her, I expressed these words again. The next day, after making the most difficult of decisions, I was standing behind our van as Mike and the hospital staff were bringing her out so that we could take her and make final arrangements. She was wrapped in a blanket, and, although I was trying not to watch, I looked up just in time to see something fall. After they had placed her in the van, I asked Mike to look to see what fell. It was Bear's “precious” charm. The bail was not broken, and Mike looked at her collar, also not broken and her other tags were in place. Mike said he would not have believed this if he had not seen it.

I believe that my sweet girl was telling me that she understood how precious she was (and will always be) to us, and that we are precious to her, and that she is all right. I can think of no better tribute than to tell this story, as it depicts her enduring love and our everlasting connection to one another.


In Memory of: Edna B.
Dedication by: Sue & Mike Frounfelter

Edna's zest for life and new experiences made her an absolute treasure. She fiercely protected her family and loved them with as much passion. A spirit-lifter and comforter in times of need, her strength and grace made her shine. Her mommy called her Beanie - AKA Beanie Baby - because Edna loved to cuddle. She could melt against you into any position. She could smell a kitty a mile away and never hurt another soul her entire life.

Edna taught her daddy the true meaning of unconditional love and was her mommy's kindred spirit. She was the best mom/sister/friend a certain chocolate lab ever had. Edna forever changed the lives of those honored enough to have known her, and she will always be close to our hearts.