The Tributes page is dedicated to Labs who have made deep, lasting impressions on our lives. They are more than mere animals. The tributes here testify how the love of a dog can profoundly change the way you see the world. Considering the short amount of time I had with Edna, my memories or her remain strong. She changed me - made me a better human.
- Mike Frounfelter, President, Labrador Harbor

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In Memory of: Bear Frounfelter
Dedication by: Sue Frounfelter

Bearsie Louise – Precious Gift
10/29/96 – 7/3/2010

I was not sure if I wanted to share this with “strangers,” but it is too special to remain private. Bear was a precious gift to each of us every single day of her life. She was strong when we needed protection, quietly steadfast when we needed comfort, loyal and loving to each of us all the time. She was spunky, with a little sass thrown in for good measure. She watched over her sister wherever we were and made instant friends when we were out and about. Oh, and she was the softest Lab ever to walk the earth.

During our quiet time together at night, I told her how precious she was, and what that word meant (precious: most loved, most special, treasured and dear), and that it said so right on her collar (both she and Brandi had a pink collar charm with the word “precious” printed on it). While lying together at the hospital the night before we lost her, I expressed these words again. The next day, after making the most difficult of decisions, I was standing behind our van as Mike and the hospital staff were bringing her out so that we could take her and make final arrangements. She was wrapped in a blanket, and, although I was trying not to watch, I looked up just in time to see something fall. After they had placed her in the van, I asked Mike to look to see what fell. It was Bear's “precious” charm. The bail was not broken, and Mike looked at her collar, also not broken and her other tags were in place. Mike said he would not have believed this if he had not seen it.

I believe that my sweet girl was telling me that she understood how precious she was (and will always be) to us, and that we are precious to her, and that she is all right. I can think of no better tribute than to tell this story, as it depicts her enduring love and our everlasting connection to one another.

In Memory of: Edna B.
Dedication by: Sue & Mike Frounfelter

Edna's zest for life and new experiences made her an absolute treasure. She fiercely protected her family and loved them with as much passion. A spirit-lifter and comforter in times of need, her strength and grace made her shine. Her mommy called her Beanie - AKA Beanie Baby - because Edna loved to cuddle. She could melt against you into any position. She could smell a kitty a mile away and never hurt another soul her entire life.

Edna taught her daddy the true meaning of unconditional love and was her mommy's kindred spirit. She was the best mom/sister/friend a certain chocolate lab ever had. Edna forever changed the lives of those honored enough to have known her, and she will always be close to our hearts.

In Memory of: Dyson
Found 4/15/05, Lost 7/2/11

My beloved "Big D". There simply aren't words big enough to describe who you were and how well you were loved.

You fell into my life quite unexpectedly, a foster dog that I "absolutely could NOT keep." Ha. You were one too many, you were too big, too slobbery and quite smelly. And you knew you were mine the second I hauled you out of the shelter. I did, too. We had more adventures in six short years than most humans do in a lifetime. You tried every dog sport you could, even succeeded at some, but mostly, you were my rock. My constant companion, my calm in the storm that is life. You knew my moods better than I did. You could always be counted on to be there, to be steady.

We swam, tracked, hiked, competed, worked, taught, learned, and got skunked together. If it was wild, then you were in. You did everything in a big way, and managed to be brilliant in your goofiness. You made everyone shake their heads and laugh, because only you would get totally sidetracked while lure coursing and instead of chasing the lure, jump over a pile of hay bales and bring me back an empty water bottle. Only you would manage to slip a harness during training and simply finish the exercise on your own, successfully too, I might add. Only you would escape from any enclosure I put you in, leap fences and go through windows to come looking for me. Of course, you always found me, I was always there. I would never leave you. You had to know that.

You and I were meant to be, it was such a grand love affair, and I learned so much from you. I will carry the lessons with me always, and mourn your loss for the rest of my days.

I feel very much that you were taken from me too soon. Robbed that we never got those golden years to sit around together and reminisce about "the good ol' days." Maybe that just wasn't in the cards for us. Because you left my life just the way you came in, big, bold, brave and strong. Quite unexpectedly and with a bang. Like everything else you ever did, you even died with flair. Who gets a spontaneous pneumothorax? Who does that? Of course, you would. And not once, but twice. The first one we beat, with multiple tests and major surgeries. Remove his lung? Sure, let's do it. They said it was curative. They said you'd have a long, normal life and play ball again, go tracking, and age gracefully. Six weeks later, almost to the day, your other lung blew out, and there was nothing more to be done. Because breathing is, you know, somewhat necessary.

I knew when I took you in, when we loaded the family into the car, that you would not be coming home with us. Still, we all hoped. Held onto that tiny shred, hoping for a miracle.

We didn't get a miracle. We said our goodbyes, and I held you tight as the vet eased your pain. I will miss you every day, my beautiful friend. I am ever grateful to have known you. The empty space in our home and hearts is just about your size. Too big.

We would all like to thank everyone that supported us through Dyson's illness and subsequent loss. We couldn't have done it without Labrador Harbor, and we will always be grateful for their assistance and support through Dyson's surgeries. Even though we only got six extra weeks with him, those weeks were worth every penny. The amount of support and love that poured in for our family and this wonderful, beloved dog was stunning.

I have told many people that you lived big, loved hard, and will be missed by many. I believe that is the mark of a truly successful life.

Rest easy D,
Love always,
Michelle, Josh, Quinn, Jester, Teak, Karma and Castle



In Memory of: Bodie
January 24, 2003-March 6, 2014

Hello All Lab Lovers... Had too many words and memories to describe the relationship with my dog in just a few sentences or paragraphs. A friend sent this to me late last evening . I thought it was perfect for Bodie's tribute and I wanted to share it with all of you. Love goes out to all who have lost a best friend..please enjoy!

Dear Dad- It's been over two and a half months since I left you, and while I miss you terribly, I wanted to let you know that Heaven is a pretty good place. Everyone and everything is nice here because we are all angels. I get to play with Kobe every day and I even get to listen to Jerry and Jimmy play guitar together sometimes.

It's a pretty good life (or afterlife) up here; the only thing I can think of that's better is the life I had during my days on earth. I want to thank you for giving me the absolute best life that a dog could ever have. Thank you for all the long bike rides through the wood and the meadows. Thank you for taking me to visit all those different lakes. Thank you for all the treks through the snow in the winter. I loved running in the snow. Thank you for all the trips to the river and all the sticks you threw into the water for me to chase. Thank you for all the camping trips and for all the songs you played for me on your guitar. Thank you for all the warm fires at home at night, and for all the soup bones you let me chew on all the time.

Thank you for never raising your hand to me in anger, and for almost never yelling at me in anger. I say almost never on that one because I remember the one time we were riding with Uncle Richie and I finally caught my first squirrel. You yelled at me that day, but I could still hear the pride in your voice, knowing that your boy was bad-ass enough to actually catch a squirrel. I was so proud when you guys started calling me "Bodie the Squirrel Killer".

All the other dogs up here are so jealous of me when I share all the tales of my fantastic life with you. I thank you most for the never-ending love you heaped on from the day you rescued me from the adoption agency to the day I had to leave you. You were the best dog-Dad ever.

I want you to know that I'm okay up here, and you need not be sad for missing me. I am in a special place in your heart, always and forever. I also want you to know that there is another dog out there who deserves to have a special kind of life that only you can provide. When you find him or her, do not deny them your special love, for they will not deny you their special love. I want have a brother or sister that I can be an angel for.

You are a special Dog-Dad; don't ever forget that....and don't ever forget that I love you and I'm watching over you.

Your son, Bodie



In Memory of: Dexter
Dedication by: Mom

Four-and-a-half years ago, my family went to our local animal shelter to pick out a companion for our current puppy, Bailey. We found love in a tiny black puppy, who was simultaneously curious about and scared of everything. He climbed on our laps in the dog run in the animal shelter, and we knew that he was the puppy that we wanted. It was only then that we inquired about the dog and found out that he was on the danger list. If we hadn't taken him home, there would have been a very good chance that he would have been put to sleep at the shelter. As it turned out, that was not the only time that our family would save Dexter's life. For four years, Dexter was a loving pet who found fun in a number of ways that we'd never experienced with any pet before: he liked sticking his feet on the steps of the swimming pool without actually swimming; he loved seeing how many squeaky toys he could stick in his mouth at once; he would grab socks, stuffed animals, or potholders and parade them around the house, waiting for someone to chase him. In November 2013, a tumor was found in Dexter's throat. It was removed, and the biopsy came back and we were told that it was malignant. Our family decided that our 4-year-old puppy deserved another chance at a happy life, and we started him on a course of chemotherapy. Throughout it all, Dexter was a strong, happy dog who had a few bad days but a plethora of good days spent running around the house and playing. If someone hadn't known that he had cancer, they would not be able to tell just by looking at him. Dexter was a very brave dog for the 7 months that he trekked through his chemotherapy treatment. Unfortunately, on April 30, 2014, Dexter began going downhill and we could tell that he was very uncomfortable. The next day, May 1, 2014, Dexter's pathology blood work came back and we found out that his lymphoma had spread to his blood and bone marrow - he now had leukemia, and there was no likelihood of returning from it. Our family had to make the very difficult and sad decision to put Dexter to sleep so that his suffering would be no more. His family misses him very much already. The house is too quiet without his bark, the jingling of his collar, or the squeaking of his toys. However, we know that he is no longer in pain and that he is still running around and playing, this time with all of his dog friends up in heaven.



In Memory of: Samantha
Dedication by: Labrador Harbor



In Memory of: Cassie
Dedication by: The Dourte Family

This is our Sweet Girl Cassie. She was taken from us way too soon. She was the sweetest girl, everyone who met her loved her. She is greatly missed and our hearts are broken. RIP 2-8-2004-7-15-2010

In Memory of: Marquis (Yellow Lab)
Dedication by: Markee's Family

Marquis' family currently needs donations to help pay for veterinary bills. If you would like to help Marquis' family, please visit our DONATE page and send in a donation. Make sure you specify that your donation is for Marquis.

Sometime around 2001, Marquis joined our family.

The idea, was to bring home a puppy... spunky enough to play with Java Von Hershey. Our Chocolate Lab who was just over a hundred pounds, and a handful of hard headedness. Upon arrival at the breeders, it was an immediate love. Marquis brought a leaf over in her mouth... as she would carry a puppy. Since she's been a mom of 4 litters, and was only about 4 or 5 years old at the time, the breeder let her come home to Java and be his new pal.

Marquis had a dented head, explained to us that she was bitten by a rattlesnake at a very young age. That the muscle atrophied due to that bite, and never recovered. She looked a bit odd, but her cuteness took over immediately. She also had entropy of her eye, and some skin problems on her chest at the time... along with her boobs nearly dragging on the ground due to her past litter. Quite the interesting Lab, but like I said... one you immediately would fall in love with. The breeder had removed her 'bark box', so Markee didn't make a whole lot of noise. She never even whined, wimpered or cried out. Not sure that she could. We ended up taking care of her, and having her issues operated on to make her feel better and look that much better.

Over the years, she's been the best little mom and companion to Java. Occasionally getting miffed at him as he engulfs her whole head with his mouth, trying to play in his O'so aggressive manner. But always by his side, as he taught her how to be brave and live outside of a kennel. Truly a great pair of Labs.

Often, Marquis was denoted as fat or a bit large. When truly, "Big Girl" had always had her mom handles and never really lost it over the years. She loved her sleep, and was quite the opposite of her buddy Java by waking early as he slept in most mornings. She always loved the beach... chasing sea gulls far out of her reach and getting in that exercise everyone thought she always needed.

The last week, Marquis had been fighting a mass on her tummy area, that was the size of a dime only a month ago. Within the last three to four days, and many emergency or vet visits she'd been to there was not much known of her ailment. Due to the amount of growth each day in her mass, a biopsy would have been out of the question due to it's time to get results. The plan was to operate on her today, and see how much could be done.

I am sad to say, Marquis never made it to that operation. Late last night, her mass had begun to split her tummy skin as if trying to escape her body. By this 5:30am, it had ruptured through and was bleeding at an alarming rate. I called the vet, who met us at his facility by 6:30 and took one look at her wound and knew immediately there was nothing more that could be done. As by now, her skin was even more split and the mass was 3 to 4 inches out of her tummy. Amazingly enough, Markee seemed to have been the most relaxed that I've seen her in the past few days. After speaking to Dr. Speir for a good 30minutes about her and having him explain the situation, the decision was made to euthanise Markee. She rested right there on the tailgate of my truck, as I held her head. Petting her and calming her. He administered the drugs through her IV that still remained in her leg, and her head became heavy within seconds. Markee, was in a better place. No pain, no worries, and she'll now be able to run and play all she wants.

... We love you Markee.

In Memory of: Kobi
Dedication by: Kobi's Dad and Brother

"Kobi" 11/27/2002 - 8/21/2009

Kobi was first seen went I went into a local pet store and his photo was on the board saying "free to good home". I snatched up the picture cause I was looking at the time for a companion for my other wonderful black lab "Bodie" As it turned out , the house was one block away and I took him home one day shy of my 47th birthday on July 21 2007. Little did I know how special and unique this guy was...Where Bodie gets more than his share of loving ,he's pretty independent , and stays out on the deck watching over things round the "hood". Kobi was always at my side and would let ya know it when he wasn't!!! Kobi made the funniest noises I've ever heard out of a dog like when he shook off water, his gums would flap and he'd totally sound like a horse or when he'd whine and howl when Bodie would hog the ball and play keep away....he was absolutely relentless with the ball/stick often to the point that he'd wear me out then we would curl up on the couch together and I would pet him trying to find some new sound he would make to express his approval.

Living here in Tahoe , Kobi enjoyed every outdoor activity /adventure we went on which included walks, hikes, bike rides , kayaking , swimming ,camping , XC skiing , snowshoeing and even one time... an unauthorized trip into my hot tub . Wherever we took car trips , Kobi rode a proud shotgun when it was available..even a friend onetime offered to ride in the back so Kobi could hang up front.The most common comments made about him whenever he was met was either how big/long his tongue was ( all the lady dogs must have loved him..Ha!!)or how incredibly soft and cuddly he was!!

Due to an aggressive form of bone cancer that developed in his snout only a few short months ago , I put Kobi to rest and comfort so that may eternally chase after the ball with the smile and energy that I was lucky enough to share with him for just over 2 years .

We'll miss ya "Special K"...Love forever... Bruce and Bodie !

In Memory of: Destiny
Dedication by: Michelle Ray

Some of you already know this, but I lost my dear sweet black Lab, Destiny on Wednesday.  She was a rescue that I had been fostering almost 3 years ago for SCLRR.  When she was pulled from the shelter by Stephanie Empson, she was in very sad shape.  She had almost no hair at all, she was emaciated and had lost the will to even eat.  I took her in and nursed her back to health.  I saw a sad, beaten down dog, probably 8 years old, not spayed, who had probably had numerous litters of pups.  She had been found as a stray near a freeway down in Chula Vista.  She did not know how to wag her tail, she did not play and if you tried to hug her she would drop to the ground. After 4 months of helping her to heal, I could not let her go and she became a part of our family.  We already had 2 dogs, so Destiny made 3.We watched her blossom into a happy dog who played, enjoyed dog beach, loved to go for car rides and walks and was just content to be. 

This is what she taught me:.  That even when you think you can't go on, a loving heart can heal your soul.  When you have been through sadness and difficulty, you learn to appreciate the little things life brings you.  That life is a gift.  I just want to thank Destiny for what she brought to me.  This is why I rescue Labradors.  The gift they bring is precious and sweet.  When they leave us, a great empty space opens in our hearts, waiting until we can receive another gift, another soul to help us heal. This is in thanks to all the wonderful dogs we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with.


In Memory of: Candycane
Dedication by: Family

Candycane, our beautiful black lab, was adopted by us, her "forever" family, only a few short months before she passed away. She had a rough past, but Candycane's last few months were cherished not only by me & my son, but also loved by my patients at the medical office where I work. One of her admirer's gave us this prayer in her honor...

A Pet's Prayer
If it should be, that I grow frail and weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then you must do what must be done
For this, the last battle, can't be won.
You will be sad, I understand.
Don't let your grief than the rest,
Your love and friendship stand the test.
We've had so many happy years
What is to come can hold no fears.
You'd not want me to suffer, so,
When the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my needs they'll tend only,
Stay with me to the end,
And hold me firm and speak to me,
Until my eyes no longer see.
I know in time you will see
It is a kindness you do to me
Although my tail has it's last wave
From pain and suffering I've been saved.
Don't grieve it should be you,
Who decides this thing to do,
We've been so close, we two, these years
Don't let your heart hold any tears.
Smile-for we walked together,
For a little while.


In Memory of: Goliath
Dedication by: Nikai

My sadden heart will become light because I feel your love,
You were sent special just to me
An angel from above.
Although you had no wings to fly,
And your fur was chocolate brown..
You were my best companion,
As we walked around the town…
I named you Goliath,
I thought that you would be big..
And indeed you were a giant..
In heart, and in loving me
You made me laugh, you made me sigh…
and giggle
Like a little girl…
And many times you saved my Life
A price I cannot repay…
So, now that you far away..
I know you'll wait for me
You are not suffering anymore,
You do not feel great pain…
And now that I am safe at home
You do not have to worry for me..
You stayed long to protect me..
You stayed loyal and true.
Even to the day you left me
God arranged that day for you…
I carry you within my heart. And Joy it will bring to me
When it comes my time to go,you will be waiting there for me

For Goliath
The Best Relationship of my Life
He will always be in my Heart.


In Memory of: Otis
Dedication by: Labrador Harbor

Otis was an amazingly sweet, gentle, loving soul who never complained about the aches and pains we know he must have experienced. Otis had lots of admirers, including all of us at Lab Harbor in San Diego, as well as a girlfriend in his neighborhood, a sweet seven month old lab mix named Jolene. Otis' mom is heart broken, and went to the ends of the earth to try to help him get better. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

I got the chance to spend a few moments with Otis after his first procedure (lower picture on the right). He reminded me what amazing gifts these Labs can bring to us. His affection and love for life - just rolling on the grass - brought home how much these "kids" have to teach us about living in the moment and enjoying today.
- Mike


In Memory of: Cody
Dedication by: Cody's Family

Our Cody passed away August 25th, 2007. He was only 9 ½ years old. In May he had a low-grade malignant soft tissue sarcoma, hemangiopericytoma surgically removed from his neck and we were told that it was completely removed. We continued to check for any new topical tumors (photographed). The veterinarian would aspirate all the lipomas that we would find. In August we found another red mass behind his right ear and our Veterinarian removed it and said it did not look malignant. After the surgery, Cody was tired and just seemed sad.

Cody developed a bacterial infection at the excision site and was not eating but would if hand fed. We were sent home with medications for a hot spot. Cody tried to go for walks and eat but had to be carried home. The vet kept him for observation and did a blood panel and sent him home. He would not leave us in the kitchen and we cooked his favorites. Cody looked at us with “Help me eyes” and then had a seizure and collapsed, returned in panic to the vet. This time x-rays showed us an enlarged heart, possible ruptured spleen and low anemia, we rushed to Pet Emergency & Specialty Center. The veterinarian said they tried to stabilize his heart and drain fluids, but he was not responding to CPR. Cody died due to pericardial effusion, ruptured neoplasia (hemangiosarcoma or chemodectoma).

Our poor Cody, unknowing to us a tumor had spread into his heart. We requested cremation and left in tears. Shocked as parents there was nothing we could do. Cody loved walks with Cheetah, baths and lots of love. He gave years of service as a Pet Therapy Dog in nursing hospitals and a newspaper printed photos of him working. Cody loved to wiggle his butt when you called him “Boogedy-Boogedy”. This was the sweetest dog to everyone. Our family is deeply sorrowed; we will love and miss him always!



In Memory of: Coco
Dedication by: Coco's Mom

We adopted her from BARC a local rescue located in the So. Cal. area. I went to a local pet supply in need of food for our 2 other labs and found Coco up for adoption. On the tag, it said "Coco a retired police trained drug sniffing dog, 6 yrs". I took one look at her face and fell in love.
On the way home she put her head in my lap and we became fast companions. Coco lived to play ball. We would play for sometimes close to an hour a day. She would search for her ball with only the command of "work". Put her head in her bucket of water to see if it was there.
She gave me so much happiness and love during the short time I had her that I feel she is owed this tribute. I lost Coco on September 1, 2007 to heart disease.



Macie - 9 yr old Yellow Labrador

Macie's family came to us for support, but she passed away before we could help. She had the most loving family and she sounded like she meant the world to them. Macie will be missed and we wanted to pay tribute to her sweet life here.

Macie's family adopted her from the local SPCA when she was 3 months old. They instantly fell in love with her spunky personality and her big brown eyes. When Macie was five she had TPLO surgery on both knees at UC Davis. She recovered well and her family just recently paid off the surgery costs.

A week ago, at nine years old, Macie began vomiting and would not (could not) eat. Several tests later revealed that her gall bladder was extremely infected and could burst at any moment. She was rushed to Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic where her family was asked for a $4000 deposit up-front in order to schedule surgery. They applied for Care Credit and were approved for $1500, part of which was used for the testing. They had until morning to come up with the remainder of the deposit or the surgery would not take place. Macie's grandma co-signed for an additional loan, and although the increase allotted for the actual surgery to take place, the extended hospital stay and after care costs continued to accrue.

Macie's family continued to visit her in the hospital, as she developed pancreatitis following surgery and had to stay longer than expected. They missed her dearly, and tragically, during the night on 9/4/08, Macie passed away. Macie's family is devastated following the loss of their beautiful, happy girl. Her mom says that she taught them a lot about the value of life.

Labrador Harbor

Gambit - 5 year old Black Labrador

Labrador Harbor

K.C- 1 year old Yellow Labrador


K.C. passed away after a battle with cancer. She will be very missed.



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