Labrador Harbor has distributed over $84,000 in funds and helped over 570 dogs to date.

Sadie - 9 year old Yellow Labrador

UPDATED: 1/5/23 - Sadie's surgery was a success. Generous donations were able to help the family make it through this difficult time.


Sadie is a nine-year-old girl who was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen that needs to be removed. No metastasis was seen on x-rays, and the vet is hopeful that surgery will be curative. Sadie had ACL surgery a year ago and her retired parents are recovering financially and reached out for help. Surgery is estimated at $5000. Sadie is scheduled for surgery this afternoon and will hopefully go home tomorrow. Labrador Harbor is helping with a small grant, but our funds are limited right now. If you are able to help (every dollar helps!), please use the link to donate and indicate Sadie’s name in the notes. All donations are tax deductible and will go directly to help Sadie.



Hank F. - 6-8 month old Yellow Labrador

Update 11/9/22

Hank's family was able to raise enough funds to get him the needed surgery to repair his broken leg and he is doing well in his new forever home. Labrador Harbor helped with a grant for the surgery.

Update 11/2/22

We need help to save Hank. Hank was found out in the middle of nowhere with what looked like a broken leg. His new dad works for the Sheriff's Dept and was sent out to check on him. He took Hank home, then to the vet, and his femur is broken. He is between 6-8 months old, so surgery with plates/screws is the best option for complete recovery. Hank has found his forever home, and is getting along great with his new canine siblings. Surgery will cost about $4000.



Dyson - 7 year old Black Labrador

Dyson received helping funds in 2011.


Sammi - 1 year old Black Labrador

Sammi received helping funds in 2011.