Last Update May 5, 2013

Misty - 5 year old Black Labrador


Labrador Harbor was able to provide a $300.00 grant to Misty's family. She is at home and doing great.


Sadie D. - 3 year old Black Labrador


Labrador Harbor was able to provide a $125.00 grant to Sadie's family. She is at home and doing great.


Faith- 11 year old Yellow Labrador


Labrador Harbor was able to provide a $350.00 grant to Faith's family. She is at home and doing well.


Mr. Davis- 3 year old Black Labrador


Labrador Harbor was able to provide a $500.00 grant to Mr. Davis' family. Mr. Davis is at home and doing well.


Brock - 10 month old Black Labrador


Brock is a young guy suffering from severe hip dysplasia. He was injured while playing with his friend and needed a femorla head ostectomy. The surgery went well and Brock is recovering at home. His family is suffering financially and needs assistance paying for the expensive surgery. Please reach out to help Brock's family today.


Katie - 6 year old Yellow Labrador


Katie is suffering from a large bladder stone and an infection. Katie's dad is unable to cover the cost of the surgery and has been taking Katie to local vets in an effort to get a price or payment plan that he can afford. While Labrador Harbor will be helping with a grant out of our general funds, it still is not enough to cover the cost of surgery. Please reach out to help this sweet girl today. Katie needs your donations.


Remy - 3 year old Yellow Labrador


Remy needed urgent TPLO surgery. His family is currently struggling financially and needs help paying off the vet bill. Remy is recovering at home know. Can you please reach out with a donation for this family today?


Carly - 10 year old Black Labrador


Carly need TTA surgery to repair a torn cranial cruciate ligament on her hind leg. Her family is struggling financially and is asking Labrador Harbor for support. Please reach out to help this wonderful girl today.


Jordan - 7 year old Yellow Labrador


Jordan was recently diagnosed with an insulinoma, a very rare malignant tumor in the pancreas. Surgery was performed at VSH and the surgeon believe he was able to remove nearly all of the cancer. Jordan's family is doing all they can to keep helping Jordan as she needs it, but they are nearing the end of their financial resources. Jordan will need more veterinary care and we ask that you reach out to help this sweet girl today.


Luna - 8 year old Yellow Labrador


Luna has suffered from gradual hip dysplasia all of her life. She is such a sweet and loved girl. Her condition has become worse and vet is now recommending total hip replacement on both hips. Her family is struggling financially and cannot afford the needed surgeries. Please reach out to help Luna today.


Belle W. - 8 year old Labrador Mix


In April, Belle injured her leg badly. Her mom kept her rested and she seemed to heal fine. She was doing fine in June. However, while Belle was out playing, her leg gave out on her and she was in a great deal of pain. The vet said that Belle needed TPLO surgery estimated at around $4,000. Her mom simply did not have the funds for the surgery so Belle was put on pain meds and anti-iflammatory meds to help her on a daily basis. Through research, her mom found a vet that could perform a "tightrope" surgery to fix Belle's leg at a reduced cost.

Belle had the surgery and is recovering nicely at home, but her mom still needs help covering the vet bill. Labrador Harbor is assisting with some money out of our general funds, but Belle's mom is still short of the total bill! Please reach out and donate to help Belle today.


Bella A. - 2 year old Labrador Mix


Bella has a disc bulge in her back, near her neck, and the disc is pushing down into her spine. Bella's family will need to see a specialist who is recommending and MRT and CT scans to determine the exact cause of the bulge. Bella's family is struggling financially and is in desperate need of donations from generous donors to help get Bella treated. Please reach out to help today.


Phipps - 3 year old Labrador Mix


Phipps has a torn cranial cruciate ligament in his left rear knee. He is in need of an expensive TTA surgery. Phipps owner is a single mom with two human children and is struggling to come up with the funds needed to help her dog. She has been diligently requesting funds from as many groups as possible. Labrador Harbor is helping her with a small grant out of our general funds, but she will need more help to collect all funds to complete the surgery. Please reach out to this wonderful family today and help to get Phipps back up and loving life.


Buster S. - 4 year old Black Labrador


Buster has a cancerous tumor is his nasal passage. The oncologist has recommended immediate radiation treatment, which Buster's mom cannot afford at this time. Buster needs this treatment to survive. Please reach out to help this young, loving kid today.


Ava - 7 year old Black Labrador


Ava has stage 4 lymphoma and is currently undergoing CHOP therapy, an extensive chemotherapy process which require weekly treatments. Her prognosis is good with treatments, but her family needs help to cover the costs of therapy. Can you please reach out to donate and help this wonderful girl today.


Daisy - 6 year old Black Labrador


Daisy has severe cruciate disease in her left hind knee due to an past torn ACL injury. She has been compensating for the pain by using her right hind leg. This immense amount of pressure caused a tear in her Achille's tendon. Daisy is in desperate need of surgery. Please reach out to help her and her family today.


Queenie -3 year old Black Labrador

Queenie was injured and broke her leg an seriously injured her tail. She needed to have her tail removed and her broken leg fixed. Queenie's mom has been hit by some hard times and does not have the funds to cover the cost of surgery.


Piston -4 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 6/24/12

Piston was running and playing with a stick. The stick caught the ground and punctured her throat, tearing a hole in her esophagus. Piston needed an expensive surgery to fix the wound. Labrador Harbor helped with a donation so Piston could get the surgery, but her family is still facing an unpaid balance with the vet.

Prince Oscar Rose - 2 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 2/10/11

Prince Oscar is recovering at home after a donation helped him get the surgery he needed.


Molly V. -6 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 5/2/12

Molly's surgery was a success. She is recovering at home with her mom now.

Update 3/6/12

Molly needs a TPLO surgery to repair her injured leg. Her family has suffered some serious financial setbacks and cannot afford the costly surgery.


Haley - 10 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 3/9/12

Haley passed away in March. She fought the good fight and will be profoundly missed.

Update 3/9/11

Haley had surgery to remove a tumor on her lower jaw. The surgery went well and she is recovering at home. Her mom, a college student, is in need of help to cover the cost of the surgery.


Sammy S. - 6 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 12/26/11

Sammy has made a full recovery and is doing fine at home!

Update 10/10/11

Sammy injured his neck while playing. He jumped while he was on a slope and landed on his neck. His regular vet referred his family to a specialist who can correct the injury, but the surgery is extremely expensive.


Dyson - 7 year old Black Labrador

Update 7/3/11

It is with saddened heart that we post that Dyson passed away due to complications from his illness. This beautiful boy will be greatly missed by his family and all at Labrador Harbor.

Update 5/18/11

After a normal, quiet day at home, Dyson approached his mom after dinner gasping for breath. Nothing was obstructing his airway so his mom quickly took him to the emergency vet. Dyson required immediate treatment and surgery to get him breathing normally and was kept in the hospital overnight. The vet costs have already topped $2600 and his family is in desperate need of funds to help get this sweet boy back to good health. He will probably be needing another surgery and his family has tapped out their resources. Please reach out to help Dyson today.


Casey - 6 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 6/29/11

Casey went in for scheduled surgery and the vet determined that she did not need surgery after all. She will get a recheck in a few months, but for now she is doing fine at home.

Update 6/14/11

Casey injured the ACL on her left hind leg and her vet recommends ACL repair. Casey did qualify for a lower cost "Tightrope" method of surgical repair, but her family is in dire need of assistance to help cover the final costs of the procedure. Labrador Harbor is helping with some funds, can you reach out and help out as well. Let's get this sweetheart back up and running.

Maxxima - 4 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 6/14/11

Labrador Harbor was able to help with a partial grant and Maxxima is now recovering fine at home after surgery.

Update 6/14/11

Maxxima is in need of an ACL repair and her family is struggling to come up with the funds to cover the cost of surgery. Labrador Harbor is assisting with a small grant out of our general funds, but it will not be enough to get Maxxima's leg fixed. Please reach out to help this sweet little girl today.


Sammi - 1 year old Black Labrador

Sammi's surgery was a success thanks to help from Labrador Harbor and donations from generous supporters.

Update 4/8/11

This sweet little girl is not even two years old and has bilateral torn ACLs. The vet determined this was caused by a genetic predisposition. Sammi and her brother Roscoe are partners in crime and Roscoe can't wait to have his partner back. Sammi's mom is in need of your help to cover the costs of the surgery, which was over $6,000. Please reach out to help Sammi and her family today.


Kaya- 3 year old Yellow Lab

Update 7/15/10

Kaya was bitten above her right eye by a rattlesnake. She was given fluids, treated and monitored closely for 24 hours. She was able to survive, but the nerves on the right side of her face have been compromised. Her family is in need of support to help cover the costs of the vet bill.

Abigail- 2 year old Black Lab

Update 4/30/10

Abigail needed a costly surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee. The medial meniscus was also damages and removed. The surgery went well and Abigail is recovering nicely at home. Her family needs support in covering the cost of the surgery and is reaching our to Labrador Harbor for support.


Odie - 6 Year Old Black Lab

Update 12/16/10

Odie tore his interior ligament of his back left knee while chasing after a ball. The treating vet has recommended TPLO/TTA surgery to repair Odie's leg. This surgery is costly and his family does not have the funds to help this beautiful boy.


Dori - 5 year old Yellow Lab

Update 3/2/11

Labrador Harbor was able to assist with financial aid to get pre-surgical procedures done for Dori. Unfortunately, Dori's condition is so severe that she will not be eligible for surgery. Her family is working with her on adaptive equipment so she can lead a happy life with her sight disability.

Update 12/16/10

Dori is a sweet girl who has cataracts in both eyes which are causing her pain and effecting her sight. Her left eye is completely blind. Without treatment, her pain will increase and she will eventually go loose sight in her right eye. Can you reach out and help Dori's family so they can have the cataracts removed and relieve Dori's pain?

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Dori today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Ginger - 3 week old Yellow Lab

Update 12/7/10

Ginger was diagnosed at birth with Patent Ductus Arteriosus(PDA). Surgery is the only available treatment and it is exceptionally costly. Ginger's dad is a priest in a small perish and saving this little girls's life has been financially devastating for he and his family. Ginger's surgery was a success and she is recovering as expected.

Would you please reach out and make a donation for Ginger and her family today. All donations are tax deductible if made through Labrador Harbor.

NOTE: A patent ductus arteriosus is a normal structure found in the unborn human and animal, however, by the third day after birth it usually closes.

A PDA shunts blood back to the lungs and heart, which results in heart failure.

Corrective surgery is more successful if done in the young animal, before permanent heart damage has occurred.

Surgery is relatively simple and will bring the patient out of heart failure almost immediately.



Tucker - 4 year old Black Labrador

Update 1/24/11

Tucker's other leg went out on him and he now requires another CCL surgery to repair the leg. Please donate to help Tucker's family with this additional surgery today.

Update 11/30/09

Tucker was able to have his surgery. He is at home with his family recovering well.

Update 10/29/09

Tucker tore his CCL on his hind leg and will need a costly surgery in order to recover. His family is working very hard to raise the funds on their own, but they need our help. Please reach out to this wonderful Lab today to help him get the surgery he desperately needs.

Bosley - 2 year old Black Labrador

Update 3/9/11

Bosley contracted heart worms before he was adopted by his forever family. When his forever mom took him to the vet the vet estimated that Bosley had had the worms for about months, fairly potent in his heart. Bosley is currently undergoing successive heart worm injection treatments - running upwards of $1,300. His mom is a student and her finances are severely limited.

Rachel - 13 Year old Yellow Lab

Update 12/19/10

Rachel tore her ACL and needed surgery on her leg. Her dad was able to have the surgery performed by using a Care Credit account, but in these financially difficult times, he is struggling to make the high monthly payments.

Riley - 5 Year old Yellow Lab

Update 12/19/10

Riley tore his crutiate ligament in his right knee and needed surgery in order to be able to walk/run again. 2 Years ago, he needed TPLO surgery that cost over $4,500. Riles' mom is single with two human children and was still recovering financially from the blow of the TPLO surgery when Riley's right knee went out.

Maggie - 8 year old Yellow Lab

Update 11/17/10

Maggie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had 5 chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to eliminate the cancer in her leg. On July 13, 2010, Maggie's left leg was needed to be amputated after the cancer caused the bone to fracture. A bone scan during chemotherapy showed that none of her other limbs were effected by cancer.

Maggie's mom owes a significant amount of money to the treating veterinary clinics and she needs our help to cover the life saving procedures. Maggie is at home and doing well now.

Cody - 2 year old Chocolate Lab

Update 11/29/10

Cody is currently on several prescription medications to help stabilize his heart and drain the fluid out of his stomach. With the medication, Cody is able to be more like himself again. We have noticed a tremendous difference, and we just want to continue to improve his quality of life. Unfortunately, the medication is very expensive, and any donation will really help our family out during this tough time. Thank-you for taking the time to read our story.

Update 11/5/10

Cody is a sweet boy with a rare heart condition. He is diagnosed with Mitral Valve Dysplasia. The mitral valve in his heart is not functioning properly causing fluid to back up into his lungs and stomach. Replacement of the mitral valve is the only option to save Cody's life. The surgery is only performed in one location in California and is extremely expensive. Cody's family has some money to cover the cost, but they need help from Labrador Harbor and generous donors to come up with the full amount - estimated at $12,000-$14,000. The cardiac surgeon has confirmed that Cody is an excellent candidate for the surgery, with a good prognosis. Without the procedure, Cody's life expectancy is less than one year.

Cody has the biggest heart. He loves playing with kids and other dogs. He is very gentle with our daughter and they are best friends. Cody is an amazing dog and well trained. Everyone falls in love with him the moment they meet him. He has touched so many lives, that this is the least that we can do for him. We want to give him the chance to have a normal and long life. We love him with all our hearts, and we want to share many more memories with him.


Sabrina - 4 year old Chocolate Lab

Update 12/7/10

Sabrina is currently on antibiotics for a respiratory infection. She recently had a procedure to remove excess fluid from her chest cavity. Sabrina needs a CT scan so her vet can determine what is the underlying cause of the infection in her lungs (there may be a lodged foreign body there). Sabrina would then need surgery to remove the object and have a 3-4 stay in the ICU unit.

Maxwell - 1 year old Black Labrador

Update 2/10/11

Max was hit by a hit and run driver in December. His injuries included a broken leg and pelvic fracture which were treated. Now another fracture has been discovered and Max needs additional surgery. His family is struggling to cover the cost of the first treatment and now needs over $3000 to help him.

Jake O. - 5 year old Black Labrador

Update 2/03/11

Jake needed urgent ACL surgery on his back leg. The surgery ran upwards of $4,000 and his mom has been struggling financially. She is hoping Labrador Harbor can help encourage donors to assist in paying off Jake's vet bill.

Yojo - 4 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 1/28/11

Yojo was struck by a hit and run driver and nearly lost his young life. His dad is currently unemployed and simply did whatever was needed to approve vet procedures which helped save Yojo. More than $14,000 in credit card debt later, Yojo is on the road to recovery at home.

Click here to read the touching full story on Yojo written by Yojo's Dad.

You can also visit Yojo's Facebook page here:


Lira - 5 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 1/27/11

Lira tore her ACL while playing at the beach with her dad who is a full-time college student living on student loans. Lira needs TPLO surgery estimated at upwards of $2200.00. Please reach out to help Lira and her dad today with a donation.


Chubbs- 5 year old Yellow Lab

Update 4/19/10

Young Chubbs was diagnosed with high grade Stage 3 lymphoma. on 4/6/10. The vet explained that Chubbs has a very good chance of a good quality of life for 1-2 years provided chemotherapy is started immediately. Chubbs is scheduled for a 6 month, very expensive, treatment regimen. His family is working hard to raise money to cover the cost of treatments and would appreciate any help you can offer to help save this much loved family member.

Kona - 4 Year old Chocolate Lab

Update 12/20/10

Kona needed ACL surgery on both of his back legs. His mom, a currently un-employed teacher, was able to have one of his legs repaired, but cannot afford the second surgery. Kona is a registered therapy dog, and a very sweet boy. Can you reach out to help him today?


Beau P. - 4 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 2/27/10

Beau had a mast cell tumor removed and the vet confirmed that he was able to gather good borders during the removal surgery. Beau will not be needing any further treatment at this time, but his family does need help to cover the cost of the surgery. Please help Beau today!



Sierra P.- 3 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 2/27/10

Sierra is a young lab who recently had a TPLO surgery on one of her back legs. Her other back leg is now in need of the TPLO surgery as well and her family is tapped out of resources to cover the $3400 procedure . Please help this family and this wonderful Lab today!


Shelby - 4 month old Black Lab

Update 3/6/10

My name is Shelby. I am 1 ½ feet tall and am 18 pounds of adorable. This is my story. I am not sure about the first three to four months of my life or when I was born, so my birthday now is March 1, 2010. That’s when my person found me. I was limping across the street and this big shiny thing was coming towards me, so I stopped. The shiny thing had my person in it, so I looked real hard at her and finished limping across the street. In a few minutes, she came back and picked me up. I could tell by her voice and her smell that she was the one I had been waiting for. She took me to a place with lots of other people who poked and prodded me, but also gave me hugs. One of them told my person that my leg was hurt and showed her pictures of it which made her sad. But we went home for lots and lots of cuddling and belly rubs. I got to drink and eat (boy do I love eating – I didn’t get much food in my before life and my ribs were sticking out). I’m trying to show my person what a good girl I am, so I never go potty in the house, don’t chew on anything I shouldn’t and even try not to bother the other furry one living here (she’s a lot older than me!!!, so I don’t know if she remembers how to play, but I’m going to show her how!). Anyway, on March 5, 2010 I had surgery and they fixed my bad leg. The knee knuckle had been crushed, probably by a car. It was never fixed and grew back crooked and unusable. So, now I’m back home laying on a soft lap recovering. I have 2 pins and 2 screws in my leg to hold it together while it heals. It’s a little chilly, because they removed my hair on my leg (what was that all about?). After I heal and the pins are removed, I will start rehab. So, maybe by summer, I can be running and jumping in the grass and playing frisbee. I’m so happy my person found me and that I have found my true forever home, but she could really use some help paying for the surgery – so far I’m a $4000 dog and all heart.


Bella D.- 3 year old Black Lab

Update 4/6/10

Bella had a life threatening intestinal blockage and needed immediate surgery which cost upwards of $2000.00. She is doing well now, but her family is struggling to cover the payments to the vet. Please reach out to help this family today.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Shelby today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.

Pepper - 11 month old Black Lab

Update 7/15/10

Pepper was playing with her human family on the beach and, thinking one of the children was holding chicken, accidentally ate a rock out of the child's hand. Pepper was hospitalized and, thankfully, the rock passed. Her stomach was inflamed and she needed additional fluid and steroid treatments, but she is now recovering at home. The family needs help to ay the costly vet bill. Her family drained their checking account just to get some money to the vet to start initial treatment. Please find it your hearts to help Pepper and her family today.


Bailey - 6 month old Yellow Lab

Update 12/13/09

Bailey is a sweet young Lab who was born with a severe overbite - his upper jaw is too long and his lower jaw is too short and narrow. Without corrective surgery, Bailey's growing lower canines will puncture the roof of his mouth. This surgery will be life-saving for Bailey. Bailey's mom recent depleted her emergency funds caring for her 15 year-old dog who battled oral melanoma cancer for 2 years - at a cost of over $20,000. Please reach out to Bailey to day and help with a donation for this life-saving surgery.


Sassie- 4 year old Chocolate Lab

Update 4/19/10

Sassie was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her hind foot and the tumor was removed. Further testing showed that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes in her leg and she was started on chemotherapy. She has now had two months of treatment and will require four more months of treatment. Her family is struggling to find the means to pay for the ongoing therapy to help save her life. Please help this young girl today!



Dino- 3 year old Chocolate Lab

Update 8/27/10

Dino has a bone infection due to a broken femur that did not heal correctly. He had two surgeries to repair the broken bone in March, an had pins removed in May. Late July his mom noticed swelling of the healing leg. The vet suggested an extremely high cost operation to try and remove the infection, or amputation of the Dino's leg. Due to financial hardship, Dino's family is moving towards amputation to help save his life. They are still in need of funds to cover this life-saving surgery. Can you please reach out to help Dino and his family today!

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Dino today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Yvonne & Viela - 2 year old Black Labradors

Photos by: Tonya Perme Photography

Update 2/27/10

These two young Labs found snail bait while visiting a relative's home and both ingested toxic levels of the poison. They were taken to a critical care vet and immediately hospitalized in critical condition. While both dogs are recovering slowly, the vet bill has reached over $24,000.00. Their mom is a full-time graduate student struggling to come up with funds to cover this enormous bill. Please help these two beautiful girls today!

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Yvonne & Viela today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.



Rocko - 4 year old Chocolate Lab Mix

post surgery

Update 12/15/10 - post-surgery

From Rocko's Mom:

The doctor was thrilled with Rocko’s surgery and everything went great. His cast is off and he is a couple weeks into his rehab. Rocko is up to 2, 20 minute rehab walks a day and is putting full energy into recovering and play time. He puts full gusto into everything he does and we are having to keep him from doing too much too fast. We have full confidence that he will make a full recovery and be in better shape than he has ever been in!

We sincerely cannot thank you enough for your help and generosity! Our little Rocko is the world to us and your support was able to help repair our baby quicker than we could have otherwise. We will continue to update you on his progress and in a few month will hopefully have a picture of him on the top of some hill somewhere after a long hike! J Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

Update 11/7/10

Rocko is an extremely active Lab who is loved dearly by his family. He tore his cruciate ligament and desperately needs TPA surgery to repair the injury. His family is working hard to try to come up with the funds, but needs our help.

Please reach out and donate to Rocko today! This boy needs to be out running at full steam.



Happy- Black Lab

Updated 12/15/10

From Happy's Dad:

I am so thankfully to Labrador Harbor for help saving my dog. He had a terrible cyst in his rear end and they helped me get funding for an operation i could not afford. He is so, so much "Happier' now. He can actually wag his tail like he should of many years ago. He can lie down in the grass without being in pain. A bonus too. I was wondering why is always seemed a little depressed, a cruel joke with his name being happy and all. But. they found out that all he had was a little hypothyroidism problem, which can make a dog be very depressed, amongst other symptoms, and when we got him sum pills to correct his condition, Yes, he was actually a Happy dog for real, after all these years, Thanks So Much. It makes me teary to see him happy after being sad for so, so long!! Even if he does have only a few years left in his life.He deserves it . Every second of it.


Boomer- 6 year old Yellow Lab

Update 7/15/10

Boomer was diagnosed with cancer (multicentric lymphosarcoma). His family has started him on a treatment called the Madison Wisconsin Protocol which is an aggressive form of chemotherapy. This three month treatment is extremely costly and Boomer's family will not be able to cover the full course of treatment. Labrador Harbor offered a grant for his last treatment and Boomer is doing well. Please donate today to help cover the costs of his next treatments.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Boomer today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Milo - 8 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 7/30/2010

Milo was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. His family could not afford the vet's recommendation of leg amputation, so they had an FHO surgery to clean up the bone and give Milo a false hip joint. They followed up with a k9 immunity treatment and weekly Fenthmyl patch for pain management.
Thanks to Labrador Harbor and generous donors, Milo accomplished the following:
—Made it to 9th birthday 6/1/2010
—Survived 2 dog fights even though he lost part of his ear
—All hair from FHO surgery on back has grown back probably thanks to K9 Omega
—Survived 10 1/2 months with Osteosacroma (He was only given 3 months to live when he was diagnosed with cancer on 9/9/2009)

Milo's nickname was Miracle Milo, because he was a true warrior and defied many odds to keep surviving. The
vet staff who worked with him continued to root for him and encourage him to keep on living. He was an inspiration for all how a dog could survive so long without amputation or chemo.

Sadly on 7/25/2010, Milo's cancer leg swelled up and continued to swell . There was nothing more that could be done by the vet. We sadly had to send him to the Rainbow Bridge on 7/27/2010. Money leftover will go to help other labs with cancer as part of Bear's Hope Fund.


Canella- 7 year old Yellow Lab

Update 7/15/10

Canella needs TPLO surgery and is currently limping and in pain. Canella's mom has searched out a vet that offers reduced rates for this often high cost surgery, but she still needs our help to cover the cost. The prognosis for Canella is very good if the surgery is performed. Please reach out to help Canella and he family today.

Canella had her surgery on 7/27/10 and is recovering at home with her family. Thanks to all who helped support this beautiful girl!


Noel- 8 month old Black Labrador

Update 9/6/09

Noel was relinquished by her owners to a veterinary clinic. One of the Vet Techs fell in love with Noel and took her in as her own. Noel has a serious liver condition that requires surgery to extend her young life. Her new mom is trying desperately to raise the needed funds for her costly surgery and needs help to cover the bill. Please reach out to Noel today to help with a donation.


Molly - 1 year old Labrador/Mix

Update 9/6/09

Molly was hit by a car and her leg was broken in two places. Her family is in need of assistance in covering the large, unexpected, expenses of the surgery required to repair her leg. Please donate to help Molly's family today!


Jessie Jane- 10 year old Black Labrador

Update 9/6/09

Jessie Jane had a perforated/ruptured intestine & ulcers due to Deramaxx medication. She became very ill, vomiting up bile and stiffening in paid. Her family rushed her to the emergency clinic where she was put into immediate surgery. Toxic bacterial fluid was spilling from her intestines into her body and poisoning her. Jessie Jane stayed at the emergency center for 5 days of 24 hour critical care. Her family' bill bill reached well over $10,700. The family was able to place payments on credit cards to continue her treatment, but the family is in dire straights to pay back the huge debit.

Jessie Jane is now at home recovering and the family needs your help to cover the devastating vet bill that saved Jessie Jane's life!


Wyatt - 3 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 9/6/09

Wyatt is a young, exuberant Lab who needed TPLO surgery. The surgery was costly for his owner who is having difficulty paying off the $4000+ surgery bill. Please find it in your heart to help Waytt and his owner today.



Ali- 8 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 9/17/09

Ali cracked his molar while playing with a chew toy and his owner needs help paying for the expense tooth extraction. Please reach out to Ali and his family today!



Shelby- 8 year old Black Labrador

Update 10/16/09

Through Labrador Harbor's grant and additional donations by generous supporters Shelby's surgery was a great success!

Update 9/6/09

Shelby's cataracts have progressed to the point where they are causing her pain. Her family has schedule a double cataract surgery, but will be struggling to pay off the monthly payments of the vet bill. Any donation to Shelby would be greatly appreciated.


Kona- 2 year old Chocolate Lab

Update 9/6/09

Kona needs surgery on her left ACL. Her owner was recently laid off and is struggling to raise funds for the surgery which could exceed $2000.00. Please reach out to Kona and her family today and help this young girl get the surgery she desperately needs.


Sarah Queen of Hearts- 6 year old Yellow Lab

Update 8/10/09 - From Sarah's dad

My sincere Thank You for the funding that you gave for Sarah (Queen of Hearts) Granger valvuloplasty surgery. She is doing well at home and gets stronger each day.

As you know she is the light of my life after the accident that left me in a wheelchair. To have her with me each day as a companion and friend is a true gift from God and his Angels like your orgnization.

Sarah and I hope to have many years together in the future, taking walks, playing at the park, or just sitting quietly knowing we are together. I have attached a picture of us together. She is such a beautiful girl.

Without your funding Sarah would not have made it, we cannot Thank You enough for that Gift.

Update 6/18/09

Sarah has Tricuspid Stenosis leading to difficulty of blood flow to the right side of her heart, which will eventually lead to congestive heart failure on her right side. Vet at UC Davis say that Sarah is in need of balloon valvuoplasty, a $2000-$3000 surgery, to save her life. Sarah's owner was in a tragic accident last year that left him paraplegic and on disability. Sarah desperately needs your support today to help save her precious life.



George - 3 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 8/6/09

Thanks to your generous donations and the help of Dr. Basher at VSH, George was able to have his eye surgery. He is now recovering at home with his family.

Update 11/17/08

Young George has been diagnosed with cataracts that have blinded him and are causing his eyes to swell. Labrador Harbor was able to help George get in to see Dr. Basher at VSH who quoted over $3100.00 to remove the cataracts. George's family simply does not have the funds to cover the costs of this expensive surgery. Without treatment the cataracts will soon begin to cause extreme pain as pressure builds on in George's eyes.

George's family is actively fundraising on their own and Labrador Harbor asks for generous donors to reach out to help George today.!


Gadget - 5 yr old Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Gadget had a life threatening stomach obstruction and Labrador Harbor was able to help the family cover partial costs of the immediate surgery.



Jasmine - 13 yr old Yellow Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Jasmine had urgent surgery to remove a large tumor on her back leg. Jasmine's mom is in financial straights after having lost her job and is seeking help to cover the cost of the surgery. Jasmine is recovering well, but the balance remaining at the vet is still significant. Please help Jasmine today.


Hunter W. - 6 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 10/29/07

Hunter is at home recovering now, but the family has an immense financial hardship in trying to cover the $13,000+ vet bills to save Hunter's life. Please donate to help Hunter and his family today!

Update 10/19/07

Hunter consumed poison on Saturday (possibly snail poison) and was rushed to the emergency vet where he went into a coma for three days. During the coma he developed pneumonia. He came out of his coma and is currently battling the pneumonia. His vet says that he is doing well, is up and moving around and has made a miracle recovery.

Hunter's family has accrued a massive unexpected vet bill, but are determined to get Hunter back to 100% whatever it takes. Please help Hunter's family in his time of need.

The vet's found large piece of chicken in Hunter's stomach, not something that the family fed him. It is possible that he was poisoned maliciously.


Bela - 7 month old Black Labrador

Update 9/19/08

Bela was found recently wandering around her neighborhood. A loving family took her in and attempted to find her owners without success. Bela got along well with the couple's 14 year old Lab-Mix, but soon became very sick. Bela is in the hospital now with Parvo and the family is faced with extensive medical bills as Bela continues to recover. This family has opened their own to Bela and needs your support to help this young boy recover!


Roxxy - 2 year old Black Labrador

Update 10/25/08

Roxxy and her brother were both hit by cars when they escaped their back yard. Roxxy is home now and recovering but her vet bill was more than her mom could handle. Can you please help by donating to Roxxy today!

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Roxxy today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.

Murphy - 13 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 1/1/09

Murphy had bloat - which is a potentially fatal condition and can only be treated through surgery. Murphy's mom is struggling to pay her own everyday bills and put herself through graduate school and cares deeply for her Murphy. Murphy's surgery was performed but she is having difficulty paying the large vet bill of over $5000. Please help Murphy today. His mom has gone to great lengths to get the surgery performed and needs help paying the bill.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Murphy today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Maverick- 8 year old Black Labrador


Maverick's surgery was a success!

Update 3/31/09

Maverick has an infection on his toe causing him great pain and potentially effecting his overall health. His vet is recommending a costly toe amputation and the family is unable to cover the cost of the entire operation. Labrador Harbor is assisting with some money from its general fund, but the family could use donations today to help save Maverick.



Alice - 3 year old Black Labrador

Update 1/1/09

Alice ruptured her cruciate ligament and needed TPLO surgery. Her family found a vet to perform the surgery for just over $3,000, but her family is struggling financially and could not afford the surgery. Labrador Harbor worked with a local vet who generously agreed to provide the surgery at an exceptionally reduced cost, and Labrador Harbor offered a grant to cover a portion of the surgery. Still the family is struggling to cover the remaining costs of the surgery and needs your help!



Scout - 10 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 1/31/09

Scout had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her mouth. Scout's family was able to cover the cost of the surgery and the following radiation treatments. The vet is recommending the melanoma vaccine, three treatments each quite costly. Scout needs your help to get this treatment. Her prognosis is good with the vaccine and she has recovered well from the surgery and the radiation treatments!



Emma Leigh - 1 yr old Black Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Emma Leigh has a broken tooth and needs a root canal/crown to repair the damage. Dr. Brook Niemiec at the Southern California Veterinary Dental Specialists confirms that a root canal is the best option for Emma Leigh considering her young age. Without treatment, the broken tooth could cause bacteria to invade her bloodstream and spread infection. Emma Leigh's single mother is working to secure a loan to cover some of the costs, but will still need help. Please donate to help this young Lab today.



Bishop - 7 year old Chocolate Labrador

Update 12/2/08

Bishop recently had a malignant melanoma removed from his lip. The vet has concerns that the melanoma may grow back quickly as it is an aggressive cancer. The treating vet is recommending a melanoma vaccine for Bishop. Bishop's mom is a college student with limited funds.



Buzz Lightyear - 5 year old Black Labrador

Update 12/4/08

Buzz ruptured his left leg cruciate ligament and is need of urgent surgery to fix the leg. His family cannot afford the cost of the $3000+ surgery and is asking for assistance. Buzz's family is currently working on other ways to help raise the money as quickly as possible.



Stanley - Labrador Mix

(After surgery)

Update 10/1/08

Update 10/10/08

From Stanley's Mom:
Stanley celebrated his 2nd birthday last month! He is fully recovered and playing just like a high energy puppy young dog should be. While we are still paying off vet bills, we appreciate all the support and love we received from Labrador Harbor and other donors. Stanley is so happy to be alive and you guys gave us just the burst of support we needed. Thank you again!

Update 2/25/08

From Stanley's Mom -
We are very grateful to everyone that has contributed to Stanley's recovery and vet bills. We are still negotiating an $8,000 debt to the vet. Any contribution helps us greatly. Stanley is playing happily with his "new" leg, but we take it easier than we used to. He still has his puppy energy and is finally back in good spirits after the accident. Please if you can let everyone know that all donations go directly to the vet. We have not been able to afford his follow-up x-rays so we are not 100 percent sure that his bones have fully healed, but optimistic from looking at the way he is playing."

Update 11/16/07

My name is Heather and my 1-year-old lab mix is Stanley. After my 30 th birthday party on Saturday, Oct. 13th, Stanley was hit by a car in San Francisco and run over. He was immediately transferred to an emergency clinic and amazingly; he pulled through over the course of the night and became their "miracle dog." The vet said that on Saturday night he had 3 of his most challenging veterinary cases ever and it was all on the same dog, Stanley. This little guy is a fighter. After initially approving an estimate of about $3000, the costs of his veterinary services skyrocketed to $7000. I acquired loans from family to help pay for those initial bills.

Then Stanley needed an emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen and still needed a surgery for a spiral fracture in his leg. This brought the grand total to over $16,000. I turned to friends, organizations and postings on craigslist asking for help... Almost instantly, a man called and said he would donate the rest of Stanley's bills on behalf of his company (another $9,200) and the vet agreed to move forward with Stanley's surgeries. We were so grateful for this act of kindness, sending cards and chocolates and lots of photos to the man's business. Then when it was time to pay the bill, the man and his company wrote a BAD CHECK to the vet in the amount of $9,200. The vet won't go after the man because he is out of state, nor will the DA or the FBI. We had faith in the kindness of strangers and while the vet never collected the $5,000 deposit from the donor (as they said they would), they are holding me accountable for the entire bill. Somehow what seemed like someone's amazing generosity backfired on us and now many organizations won't help because Stanley has been treated already. As far as Stanley's health, he has been home recovering now for a couple of weeks and is in great spirits. He is only 1 year old and has so many more years to live a happy and full life. Please help us cover these bills and reverse the bad luck we have had recently. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Maxie - 2 yr old Labrador Mix

Update 5/23/08

Maxie was bitten by a rattlesnake near her home in Jamul and was rushed to the emergency vet who was able to provide anti-venom and treatment to save her young life. Maxie's family recently lost their home and all of their possessions in the devastating Harris fires. Please reach out to this family to help cover the extensive costs of saving Maxie's young life.


Gracie Mae - 5 month old Black Labrador

Update 5/8/08

Gracie Mae contracted a serious case of parvo and almost lost her young life. Gracie's mom was able to raise some funds for the expensive treatment and hospital stay, but the vet bill is still more than she can afford to pay. Gracie is at home recovering well now.


Coco - 1 year old Chocolate Labrador


Update 2/29/08

Coco no longer has to wear her cone, and she is allowed to go outside to play! She looks like she is getting her hair back, too. Her family still needs help to pay down the vet bills. Please help this family in their dedicated care of Coco.

Update 12/15/07

Coco and her family were camping in the desert with friends over the Thanksgiving weekend. The adults were deep frying a turkey, and the kids and dogs were playing. Someone in another area lit a firework and Coco got scared. She ran into the turkey fire and was severely burned by the hot oil. Her family took her quick to Brawly for emergency treatment. Doctors there recommend Coco continue her treatment at the Irvine Veterinary Surgical Center.

The family has already maxed out their Care Credit and other resources paying over $6,000.00 towards Coco's treatment thus far. The Vets estimate the family is facing around $1500.00 - $2000.00 more before Coco is fully healed. She required three body bandage replacements per week, and potential other surgeries if skin grafts do not take well, or other damage occurs.


Balou - 11 yr old Chocolate Labrador

Update 6/22/08

Balou is an 11 year old chocolate Lab with gum disease and needs some dental work to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of her body. Balou's mom is currently looking for work, but is financially unable to cover the cost of the needed surgery. Please help Balou today. Even you smallest donation will help to support Balou.


Kyla - 1 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 1/25/08

Kyla's family still needs help to cover the extensive costs of several abdominal surgeries. Kyla is recovering with her family, but her family still needs assistance from generous donors.



Bruegger - 11 yr old Black Labrador

Update 5/23/08

Bruegger's operation revealed a cancerous tumor in his jaw. Bruegger is a strong boy and his dad is going to do whatever it takes to help Bruegger.

Update 5/8/08

Bruegger needs urgent dental surgery to remove a tooth and clean a serious infection in his mouth. Bruegger is a beloved family dog whose owner is in need of financial assistance for this surgery.



Lucky - 7 yr old Black Labrador

Update 10/1/08/08

Lucky had the surgery to remove his eye and is recovering well at home.

Update 9/14/08

Lucky's family still does not have the funds to cover the surgery to remove Lucky's eye. His eye is being treated with drop, but the vet is recommending immediate removal of the eye. Labrador Harbor cannot cover the entire cost of the surgery at this time.

Update 8/10/08

Lucky's family needs urgent help with funding to help cover the high cost of surgery required on Lucky's eye. Pressure build up is pushing Lucky's eyeball out of its socket and the vet recommends immediate removal of Lucky's eye. Please help today!



Mamas - 10 yr old Black Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Mamas has a large tumor in her stomach that needs to be removed. Mamas single mother is in need of assistance to cover the costs of the surgery scheduled for 9/5/08. Mamas is a beloved family dog - her human sister pictured above is very attached to her. Please help Mamas today with a small donation today. The surgery is estimated at $620.00.

Update 9/17/08

Mamas had surgery to have her lump removed from her abdomen. The lump was fatty tissue, very good news, and no further treatment is needed. She is doing well!


Jayda - 6 yr old Black Labrador

Update 8/2/08

Jayda was diagnosed with a severe infection in her uterus. The infection became life threatening and Jayda was hospitalized for surgery and recovery. Her recovery was not simple and kept her family praying that everything would turn out okay. Jayda pulled through after much dedicated work by vets and prayers from her Mom. Unfortunately the vet bill ending up being over $13,000 dollars. Please donate to help Jayda's family.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Jayda today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Carter - 11 yr old Black Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Carter was adopted by a loving and generous family who are caring for the costs and recovery of Carter. He is doing well in his new forever home.

Update 6/4/08

Carter is a Lab in Rescue through Labrador Rescuers (San Diego). He has disc compressions in both the Thoracic-Lumbar spine and the Unbearable spine. Surgery is required to relieve his pain and get him walking again.

His foster mom has worked diligently with the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego who have agreed to discount Carter's surgery by almost $4,000. However, his surgery total bill will still be a little over $2,000 which the rescue group cannot afford. Labrador Harbor has offered some assistance, but Carter needs your help now to have this surgery.



Big Bud - 10 month old Yellow Labrador

Update 7/20/08

Thanks to Labrador Harbor, other generous donors, and the wonderful staff at UC Davis, Big Bud's surgery was a success!

Update 6/8/08

Big Bud is a vibrant, young service dog that desperately needs surgery on his elbows, which are deteriorating due to a genetic condition. The estimated cost of surgery is $3,000 - $3,500 and his owner, who is on disability, cannot afford the high cost surgery. The vet says that prognosis is excellent for Big Bud considering his age and personality. Please find what you can to help this dog who has so much to offer to his owner and family.



Cricket - 2 year old Black Labrador

Update 2/29/08

Cricket was able to have surgery, but needs x-rays to ensure her leg is healing properly, bandage changes, meds, etc. Please help Cricket today with a donation for her continued care.

Update 1/25/08

Cricket is a two year old black lab that was hit by a car and has a tarsal/metatarsal fracture/luxation. Her owner reports that the vet says she either needs surgery to correct the problem, or needs to have her leg amputated, as splinting will not work. Her owner is working to raise funds to save Cricket's leg and is close to reaching the $3200+ goal, but she desperately needs your support.

Cricket's mom is a teacher, and has already spent her summer fund on Cricket's time at the hospital, and is moving back in with her parents.



Madison - 4 yr old Yellow Labrador

Update 4/20/08

Madison was run over by a car on a family trip and his leg was broken in 6 places. He was rushed to the hospital and cared for, but his family is in desperate need of assistance to help cover the costs of the life saving surgery. Madison's best friend is the family's 4-year-old boy, Bryce. Bryce is legally blind and has CP and he and Madison rely heavily on each other.



Stella - Black Labrador

Update 6/13/08

Stella ingested about 10 Deramaxx (doggie pain pills). Her mom's roommate's dog passed away, and she was going to recycle the meds to a rescue group, but Stella got the bottle and ate them. Stella has been released from the ER and is doing well. Her mom is on SSI, but she does have doggie insurance. Labrador Harbor helped with a grant to help cover the cost of the medical bills.


Scooby - Black Labrador

Update 6/4/08 - From Scooby's Mom

Dear Labrador Harbor:

My guide dog, Scooby is doing very well thanks to your generous donation of $150.00 which enabled me to pay for a 6-month supply of Deramaxx to treat his arthritis.

Labrador Harbor was the only organization who understood how important Scooby is to me as working guide dog and companion. He loves helping me get around town and going totally ball crazy when we return home form outings. Thank you for helping continue our partnership.

Please post theses photos on your website taken may 29th, 2008 as a thank you to Labrador Harbor's donors!!

Update 5/7/08

Scooby is a service dog for his owner who is blind. Scooby current requires expensive medications to treat his hips and his owner is struggling to pay for these medications. Please help Scooby today so he can continue to provide his valuable services to his owner.



Prince Andy Flores - 1 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 4/7/08

Update From Andy's Mom
As of now, it appears he is doing well. He made it through both surgeries with no complications. He will have follow up xrays on Wed. March 23rd. We should know much more then. He is still living in his kennel here at home. Poor baby. He has been stuck in the kennel for 6 weeks now.... I will keep you guys updated as we learn more over the next few months. Also, I added your logo to both of our websites. Hopefully it will help let more people know of your wonderful organization. Thanks for everything!
Team Andy
Tasha, Octavio & Prince Andy

Update 3/3/08

Andy's first surgery went well. He is at home recovering and seems to be doing great! The next surgery should be in 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks, as long as his family can raise the remainder of the money. Please help Prince Andy today!

Update 2/21/08

Prince Andy needs your help!. This dock diving champion needs TPO surgery on both hips. His family simply cannot afford the high cost of these surgeries. His family is arranging yard sales, a car wash, etc. to help raise money, but they will still need help from Labrador Harbor. Andy is a dock diving dog in Bakersfield, and they are asking for help from the dock diving teams, too. The prognosis from the first vet is 95% full recovery.

Prince Andy also has a web site, if you'd like to read more,



Barkley - 6 year old Yellow Labrador

Update 4/1/08

Barkley is recovering from his surgery.

Update 3/24/08

Barkley is a 6 year old yellow boy who tore his Achilles tendon from playing fetch - he tore the one on the opposite leg a year ago, and had surgery to correct it. He needs surgery, as he is not putting weight on the leg and his toes are curling up. Dr's plan to reattach the tendon with pins, and he will need to be confined for 6-8 weeks. Last year, his family managed to pay $3800. This year, Barkley's family needs your help to get Barkley the surgery he needs.

Delta - 5 year old Yellow Labrador Mix

Update 4/7/08

From Delta's Mom
Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your help.
Delta is doing really well. She looks a little like a checker board with all of the shaved spots. When she first got the bandage off her leg it got really swollen and red but it is now SO much better. She is getting her staples removed today and all is going very well so far. Again, Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am very Thankful for what you are doing for so many dogs and their people.

Update 4/1/08

Delta is currently recovering from her surgery.

Update 2/25/08

We received an application for Delta, a 5 year old yellow Lab mix. She has a torn ACL ligament in her left back leg. She needs surgery to repair it. The vet confirms that prognosis is good with surgery. Delta's mom is single, and she has two other rescued dogs.



Stella - 1 year old Black Lab

Post-Surgery Pics:

Update 2/29/08

This was sent from the rescue group that is caring for Stella:
"Stella and Labrador Rescuers thank you from the bottom of our hearts for
your financial support which helped us get this little girl's leg fixed
up. She is doing so well. "

Update 2/21/08

Stella was believed to have been hit by a car. She is under the care of Labrador Rescuers, a local rescue organization, and they needed assistance covering the expensive surgery. Stella had to have surgery to repair a broken femur, putting in a plate and pins so that she could heal and grow. Prognosis is very good. Labrador Rescuers' has a volunteer foster family to help nurse her back to health. Hopefully she will be adopted to a forever family when she is fully recovered. You can track Stella's progress through Labrador Rescuers here.


Tye - 7 year old Lab Mix

Update 1/25/08

Tye is now with his dad, recovering from surgery and getting his spunky personality back. Labrador Harbor was able to assit in covering the costs of surgery.

Update 1/12/08

Tye is a Lab Mix that has a large benign tumor growing in his neck and causing great discomfort. Labrador Harbor has worked with Tye's family to cover the cost of the removal of the tumor using it's general fund. Surgery is scheduled for 1/15/08.


Buddy and Bear - 6 month old Black Labradors

Update 4/15/08

Buddy and Bear contracted Parvo and became extremely ill. Their owner was able to get them to a vet, but the treatment and hospital stay quickly added up to several thousand dollars. Lab Harbor has offered some of its general funds as assistance, but Bear and Buddy's family still needs help covering the services that saved the lives of these wonderful young labs.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Buddy and Bear today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Mollie - Black Labrador


Mollie passed away due to cancer complications. Her mom sent this to Labrador Harbor in thanks:

Thanks for helping Mollie, and if you want, put her under the success stories cause she had a cancer that should have killed her within 3 months and we got a year and half and she was so healthy the whole time! I miss her so much, but she went quickly and didn't suffer and I was so blessed to have her active and healthy for so much longer than that cancer should have allowed her to have!


Casey - 4 year old Black Labrador


Casey was severely injured when attacked at a local dog park. Casey mom is currently under financial pressures and Labrador Harbor was able to donate to help towards some the costly medical bills. Casey is recovering well from her injuries.


Duffy - 12 year old Labrador Mix


Update 11/8/07

Duffy needed emergency surgery to remove his spleen on 11/6/07. The surgery went well and Duffy is recovering at home, but his mom has a large balance remaining at the vet's office. IMOM, Vet Assist, and Labrador Harbor have all contributed to help cover this life saving surgery.

Misty - 8 yr old Black Labrador

Update 9/1/08

Misty needed surgery due to a Cranial Cruciate Ligament rupture. Misty's family has contacted several organizations to help raise the funds to pay the remaining bill at the vet's office. Labrador Harbor has offered to help with a grant, please donate to help Misty's family today!


Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Misty today! PAYPAL NOTE: Please indicate this Lab's name in the "comments" field on your PayPal payment.


Harley - 6 year old Black Labrador Female

Update 12/14/07

Labrador Harbor was able to assist Harley's family with the funds they needed.

Update 12/5/07

Harley is a very well-loved 6 year old female who needs an ACL repair. Her mom is actively fundraising and has applied to many organizations. Labrador Harbor has offered to help with a potion of the costs, but Harley's family still needs help. Please help Harley by donating to him today!



Betty - 3 month old Black Labrador

Update 11/8/07

Dr. Basher has decided it is in Betty's best interest to hold off on any surgery at this time. There is currently no pressure on her eyes, and they are not causing Betty discomfort. Betty remain with her foster family and is getting around well now. If her eye condition worsens, her fosters will re-evaluate with Dr. Basher.

Update 6/13/07

From Betty's Family -
Betty returned to Dr. Basher the third week of last month. The doctor did more testing only to find that her eyes are changing and he is not certain when to do the operation. One eye seemed clearer and the other remained the same. Dr. Basher asked that we hold the surgery and that she come back in at the end of [June]) for another exam. [Dr. Basher] says there is no real way of telling how to proceed without another spaced visit. As [Dr. Basher] is a genius in my book, I, we and mostly Betty, wait in his trusted hands.

Update 4/16/07

Betty is scheduled for eye surgery on April 23 and The Mutt Scouts still need help covering the costs of this procedure. Your donations are needed and will go directly to help restore Betty's eyesight! Please help to give Betty this chance at a long, happy life!

Update 3/19/07

Dr. Basher has evaluated Betty and determined that eye surgery is possible and will help Betty. Betty's rescue group, The Mutt Scouts, is working very hard to fund raise the $2,800 for the surgery but they still need help. Labrador Harbor is granting some funds to Betty and asks that you please donate any amount to help this wonderful young Lab!

Update 3/7/07

Betty was rescued by The Mutt Scouts from the city shelter, along with her mom and 4 siblings by MuttMatch (Los Angeles, CA). At only 3 months old Betty was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts and she is almost completely blind. At present she relies on her sister to help get around.

She is good natured and affectionate. Doctors have informed the owners that surgery is mandatory to improve Betty's quality of life.

Dr. Basher of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego is providing a detailed evaluation of Betty on Wednesday, March 7 to determine the best possible solution.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Betty today!


Pockets - 7 month old Black Labrador


Update 11/2/07

Pockets had her surgery today, in addition to her spay, and is now home healing with her mom. Thanks to Labrador Harbor and two other local groups (Pet Assist and Vet Assist), Pockets received the procedures and should have a happy, healthy recovery.

Update 10/25/07

Pockets was adopted off the streets by her mom. She had her at an outdoor event and Pockets broke free to go see another dog, and was hit by a car. AMC x-rayed her and said she has a broken pelvis and femur. Her mom is also working with another group, who suggested she apply with us, too. They suggested that she transfer her to another clinic, as the treatment will be less costly, which she did today. They are in desperate need of funds to help cover the cost of surgery which will be around $1,300.

Click the MAKE A DONATION button at the bottom of this page to donate directly to Pockets today!


Lilly - 1 year old Yellow Labrador


Update 10/29/07

Lilly is home recovering from parvo now. Lilly's family is still in need of help to cover the veterinary bills. Please help this wonderful family who is working hard to save Lilly's life.

Update 10/25/07

Lilly was adopted by a family here in San Diego, and they were told that she had her shots, which apparently was not true. She is one year old and spayed. She is currently at AMC in critical condition from parvo. Her mom is a new volunteer fire fighter with no set income yet.

Hercules - 9 month old Yellow Labrador




Updated 10/19/07

This saga started when Hercules, a 9-month-old Lab mix puppy,  was brought by his owner to an emergency clinic in Upland to be euthanized, because he'd been hit by a car and suffered a spiral fracture in a foreleg. The clinic convinced the owner to sign the dog over to them, then called a member of the Southern California breed club, who in turn contacted Fetching Companions Labrador Retriever Rescue. Once they took possession of Herkie, it was necessary to conduct surgery to pin and wire the broken bone. Because a week or more had elapsed between his accident and the procedure, the surgeon had a pretty tough task.

The surgery went well in spite of that complication, and after the intervening couple of months, the leg is fully mended. Herkie be ready to adopt, once the surgeon removes the pin from his humerus. That's scheduled for late October.

Now that he's free of pain and can use all four limbs unfettered, his bright, friendly disposition shines through fully. He's as active, playful and carefree as any pup his age, thanks in large part to the substantial financial aid provided by Labrador Harbor.

Ellie - 2 1/2 Year old Yellow Labrador




Ellie is a dog rescued from Hurricane Katrina by her now owner. Ellie's had a host of problems with infections, etc., from the conditions during the hurricane. She is healthy now, but her mom owes the vet $500. Please help the wonderful Lab and her family.

Kipper - 8 year old Yellow Labrador



Updated 8/20/07

Kipper dislocated his back hip and his family took him to a local vet. The vet performed a procedure that put Kipper's hip back in place (to a cost of $900 which the family paid). Unfortunately, this procedure did not fix Kipper, who now needs a hip joint replacement which will cost the family around $1,700. Kipper's family is in need of $700 and would greatly appreciate any donations to help Kipper get back to normal. Please help today.

Faith - 3 year old Yellow Labrador

Before surgery


After Surgery




Updated 10/1/07

Faith had her second surgery late last week. She is reportedly doing well - the first leg healed much faster than expected, and she is expected to take a little longer with this one, but be home to her mom by mid-November. Her dog-mom, sent us more photos from home (before surgery) to can tell in the last one that her little back legs had some issues. Hopefully she will be good as new after healing!

Updated 8/20/07

Faith is recovering from her surgery. So many generous donations came in for her! Labrador Harbor wants to thank everyone who contributed to Faith's needs, her mom is also very grateful. We will post more updates and new post-op photos once we have them.

Updated 7/26/07

Faith is scheduled to have her surgery on Tuesday, July 31. Thanks to all who have donated to help this beautiful girl! We will try to get some more pics up asap.


Faith is a service dog. She has cranial cruciate ligament disease and degenerative joint disease in both stifles, and degenerative joint disease in her elbows. The needed surgery will be very expensive and Faith's mom cannot afford the costs at this time. Please donate today to help this wonderful Lab who has provided so much for her owner.

Bruno - 2 year old Yellow Labrador


6/15/07 - After neurology examine


Update 7/13/07

Following an EMG and muscle biopsy it was determined that Bruno has masticatory muscle myositis, an immune mediated disease. Bruno is currently being treated with antibiotics and immuno-suppressors. Bruno may need long term medication treatments, although it is hoped that his current treatments will put the disease in remission. His family could still use additional help from Labrador Harbor's generous donors.

Update 6/14/07

Bruno's original owners had four children and felt bad that this 18 month old boy could not be given the time and attention that he needed. They had an unfenced property, and had to keep him leashed or in a dog run for his protection. Bruno was lucky to find an adoptive home where he can receive the love and attention he deserves. His new family took him for his neuter and vaccinations and discovered that he had a severe ear infection and could barely hear, and that there is also something very wrong either in his mouth or behind his left eye, as he has trouble opening his mouth to eat. Antibiotics have helped his ears, and he is now able to hear, but he is still experiencing pain around his left eye and upon eating. Currently, the family is working with the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego who will be performing a CT to determine the cause of Bruno's mouth/eye problems. Labrador Harbor has helped to cover some of the costs regarding the intense ear infection, but his family still needs assistance covering his medical bills to get this boy back to perfect health. We ask for your generous donations to help Bruno. All donations specified for Bruno will go directly to his vets to cover his care.


Sassafrass - 4 month old Black Labrador

Update 10/24/08

Sassafras was adopted from the Santa Cruz SPCA w/vet exam stating in good health. She is 4 months old. He adopting mom took her to a personal vet who said she had a heart murmur and would not survive. Her mom, a student, took her to a cardiac specialist who said with surgery she would live normal life. She has had surgery, but mom is having trouble paying the bill. SPCA agreed to refund her the original adoption fees, but this did little to help towards the surgery. Please help Sassafrass today!



Zena - 7 year old Black Labrador

Update 10/14/08

Zena cut her tail, and the cut became infected after she began chewing at it. The vet recommended her tail be amputated as it was beyond repair. Zena is recovering from the surgery at home with her family. Zena's family sought help from Labrador Harbor and other local groups, but still has an outstanding balance due at the vet. Please help Zena and her family today.



Lauren - 3 year old Yellow Labrador


Updated 7/30/07

Lauren's family rescued her from the Irvine Humane Society when she was a few months old. She has been an active and loved member o the family ever since. On 7/23/07 she tore a ligament in her knee. TPLO surgery is the only option to repair the damage and get Lauren back to full health. The family has researched local vets for the lowest cost, but they still need help to pay for the expensive surgery. Please help Lauren's family today.


Midnight - 7 month old Labrador Mix

Post Surgery pics:


Post Surgery pics:

Update 7/13/07

Midnight had an FHO surgery yesterday on the right hip.  The vet, Dr. Diane Craig, said all went well and if Midnight does OK overnight she will most likely return home on 7/13/07. As for her left hip, right now she is clinically/functionally more involved on the right with more limping and lameness on that side.  Her family is going to see how she does after this surgery and go from there.  We will keep updates posted here on Midnight's progress.

Update 7/10/07

Midnight's family has done an incredible job of raising funds for this beautiful girl. Her surgery is scheduled for Thursday, July 13. They still need help to cover the remaining costs of the surgery so please send in your donation today!

Update 5/30/07

Midnight's human brothers and sisters (pictured above) have done an amazing job in raising $1700.00 in funds for Midnight's surgery. By walking dogs and offering other neighborhood services this family has shown the true spirit of caring for Midnight. They still need help from Labrador Harbor to cover the remaining costs of the expensive surgery. Please make a donation to Midnight today!

Update 2/12/07

Midnight is a 7 month old black lab mix with severe bilateral hip dysplasia, grade IV on the right hip, and grade II-III on the left hip. The owners have tried deramaxx, but is still limping and having difficulty squatting to urinate. The orthopedic surgeon recommends THR (Total Hip Replacement) on the right, and, if done soon before more damage, TPO (Triple Pelvic Osteotomy) on the left. The vet found no signs of elbow dysplasia. The vet gave a good prognosis, and stated that Midnight's quality of life would be significantly improved with surgeries. The family's 10 year old daughter has taken obedience training with Midnight, and had begun agility training through 4-H, but had to stop due to Midnight's discomfort. The cost of surgery is estimated at $6000-$7000 for THR, and $3000-3500 for TPO. Midnight's Family is also willing to fund-raise, has applied for several other grants, and is willing to utilize Care Credit, if approved. Midnight and her family need your help to give her the normal quality of life she deserves.


A THR is a prosthetic hip that is implanted in a similar fashion as is done in people.  It replaces the painful arthritic joint.  The modular prosthetic hip replacement system used today has three components the femoral stem, the femoral head, and the acetabulum.  Each component has multiple available sizes which allow for a custom fit.  The components are made of cobalt chrome stainless steel and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. Prosthesis implantation may be cemented or cementless (press-fit).

Dayme - 9 year old Yellow Labrador


Dayme had a tumor removed from her armpit on 7/11/07, and the vet says prognosis is good. She will not require further treatment. Her family could still use additional help from Labrador Harbor's generous donors to cover the large balance of $700.00 remaining to be paid for the surgery.


Lady C. - 11 year old Black Labrador Mix



Update 6/27/07

Lady C. had her tumor removed on July 25. She is recovering well with her family.

Update 6/27/07

Lady C. has a large growth on her stomach (shown above). She is a happy, energetic 11 yr. old Lab, but has begun to chew at the growth. Her vet recommends removing the growth and states the prognosis is good for recovery from surgery. Lady C. is otherwise healthy. Her owner is under financial hardship and is requesting assistance from our generous donors. Labrador Harbor has offered to assist with a small grant, but Lady C. still needs donations to help cover the complete costs of surgery.

Lady H. - 2 year old Yellow Labrador

Post Surgery



Update 7/9/07 -

Lady's surgery was a success thanks to the care of the Oakdale Veterinary Clinic, a donation by Labrador Harbor and a generous donation by the local SPCA. Lady is now recovering from surgery in her current foster home and will be available for adoption soon.

Update 6/25/07 - emergency needs

Lady broke her leash while walking and was struck by a passing car. A major nerve in her front leg was severed, leaving the rest of the leg unusable. There is currently no blood flow to the leg and Lady needs to have the front leg amputated. The family is struggling to come up up with the estimated $1000.00 for the surgery. The local SPCA has offered a grant and Labrador Harbor is assisting as well.Lady still needs your donations to help with the costs - the family currently does not have enough to pay for the required surgery. Lady is chewing at her limb, which will only lead to potential infections and more problems. The family is doing all they can to keep Lady from chewing the leg, while they struggle to raise the money for the amputation.


Roman - 6 year old Black Labrador

Update 5/24/07

From Roman's Family:
Great news! over the weekend, my friends, family and co-workers (mostly my father) got together and chipped in for roman. we were able to pay in full, and he had surgery late monday, he is doing o.k..  I would really like to thank [Labrador Harbor] for starting such a great organization, more than anything you gave us hope. I will keep in touch and let you know how his recovery goes. Thanks again

Update 5/19/07

Roman injured his leg while he was running with his family and slipped on tile. The family, with five human children, took Roman to the vet who determined that Roman needed acl repair to his leg. Roman is currently hurting and the family has no way of paying for the surgery he needs to get better. The estimated cost of this surgery is around $1700.00. Labrador Harbor will be assisting Roman's family with some funds, but it will not be enough to cover the cost of surgery. Please donate today to help Roman!!

Dustie - 6 Year Old Yellow Labrador


Update 5/25/07

From Dustie's mom-
Dustie is doing good.
She got her bandage of yesterday, and her leg is full of staples. We go back to the vets in 10 days for a check up.
Dr. Fritz was very happy at how well Dustie is doing. She does not cry in pain or anything like that. She does limp when she walks on it. She can only walk on her leg when she is going potty-other wise she has to stay put. (that is very hard to do-but I am doing my job on that) 
She takes 3 types of pills twice a day along with some liquid pain meds.
The vet is not to sure about her seizures yet. We are still trying to evaluate them.
We are hoping she doesn't have anymore for a while. Dustie has taken a toll on her body in this week.

Update 5/19/07

Labrador Harbor assisted Dustie's family with funds and resources and they were able to get Dustie the needed TPLO surgery. With additional funding through and Orthodogs' Silver Lining Foundation, Dustie's family was able to raise enough funds for the procedure. We will keep you posted on Dustie's recovery.

Update 4/16/07

Labrador Harbor will be covering the costs of x-rays for Dustie. We hope that x-rays will help determine the exact nature of Dustie's injury and assist the family in making an informed decision on how to move forward to help Dustie.

Update 4/9/07

Dustie will potentially need a TPLO surgery on her back hip. Labrador Harbor is working with her family and vet to determine the exact needs and how best to move forward. Dustie's family is also contacting other organizations for assistance. Dustie needs your help!

Dash - 3 month old Black Labrador


Update 4/24/07

Dash's owner adopted him, knowing that he was sick, but not what was wrong, as the previous owner was going to let him die. (Two other pups were not as fortunate as Dash). Dash was taken to the vet, and tested positive for the parvovirus disease. His new mom and dad had him treated and Dr. Johnson has confirmed that Dash is doing well, prognosis is great. Dash is now home with his new family. Dash's mom worked hard to fund raise for his needs. Labrador Harbor was glad to help as well with a grant to help towards Dash's expensive medical bills.

Lady - 9 year old Black Labrador


Update 4/9/07

From Lady -
Dear Labrador Harbor, Thank you so much for helping my mom. I did not take any pictures of my surgery because I don't think any one wanted to see my shaved bottom. I had to spend the the night after my surgery because one my anal glands had thickened scar tissue and was also inflamed so it made it a little difficult for my favorite veterinarian Dr. John Hansche to remove it.  Due to my age he felt it better I spend night and I went home the next evening. My sister just laid next to me while I slept. I tried to go for a walk the next day but I was too weak so we just walked slow for about 5 minutes. By the end of the week I was much better. And now I am back playing with my sister, taking my daily walks and have never felt better. This was the best thing that could have happened.My glands were also checked for cancer and I have none. I have and never did have any fecal incontinence due to Dr. Hansche caring and surgical skills. Thank you Labrador Harbor and thank you Dr. Hansche.
Love, Lady, Ginger, & My Family

Update 3/19/07

Lady has recurring bleeding from anal glands that is causing discomfort and infection. After a year of holistic treatments, costly antibiotics and improved diet, Lady's family decided, under vet recommendation, to have her anal glands removed. This is a costly surgery ($1200 - $1300) and the family needs support. Labrador Harbor is working to assist Lady's family with funds for this surgery. Please donate to Labrador Harbor to help cover the costs of this procedure.

Herbie - 2 year old Yellow Labrador


Update 4/21/07

From Herbie's family

As many of you know, Herbie's dental surgery was on Friday. It turned out that in addition to the two teeth we needed to extract, there was a third tooth that was badly abscessed and also in need of removal. Fortunately, Dr. Niemiec was able to root canal the large molar, so Herbie kept that tooth. So, all in all, the surgery was a success.

Herbie is recovering well, less three teeth, and trying to adjust to his new, half-empty mouth. The next two weeks will be a little rough as Herbie is not allowed to chew on anything (no balls, squeeky toys, etc.). A lab not allowed to chew anything for two weeks? How will he make it? Lots and lots of long walks and park time (no beach for a week, either).

Thank you so much for all you have done to help my boy. Herbie will never forget how much support he got from Labrador Harbor! Tootless kisses for everyone!


Emily & Herbie the Toothless Luv Bug

Update 3/19/07

Herbie needs dental surgery due to a trauma he received to his upper molars. Herbie was adopted by his new family from a San Diego based rescue group, Labrador Rescuers. Labrador Harbor has donated a portion of funds to Herbie's surgery and Labrador Rescuers has also given funds to assist Herbie.

Fresno - Labrador Mix

Before Surgery

After Surgery


Update 2/1/07
From Fresno's Foster Mom -
His forever home has not materialized but there are several possibilities. Everyone loves him at the vet's office. He knows everyone and just walks past the desk into the back. He had the pin inside him move so the vet did a minor surgery to reduce the size of the pin in him. He is here at my feet now. He is so great with cats and other dogs. Again Thanks so very much to Labrador Harbor. Oh, he has discovered the joy of chewing my shoes!

Update 1/17/07
Fresno's surgery went well. Dr. Holms has inserted pins in Fresno's femur and estimates up to 10 weeks for recovery. Fresno will have his tail amputation and neutering today - then hopefully no more surgeries for him! Kelly's Safe Haven will be looking for a forever home for Fresno.

Fresno was found hit by a car by a Northern California rescue group - Kelly's Safe Haven for Cats. Fresno has a fractured femur that require surgery and needs surgery to repair his tail. Fresno cannot walk now and needs your donations! The surgery will be handled by Dr Holms in Fresno, CA and Labrador Harbor will be providing assistance.

Coffee - 1 year old Chocolate Lab



Update 2/12/07

Coffee was rescued in Lakeside, CA by a newly retired couple. They had hoped to adopt a dog from the Humane Society, so that routine medical needs would already be addressed (spay, vaccines, check-up), but they heard about Coffee and had to help her. Coffee's original owners were moving, and were unable to take her along. Coffee's new owners were in a tight place financially, but knew they could provide Coffee with a loving home. They took Coffee in and promptly took her to their family vet for a routine check-up to update her vaccines and schedule for her to be spayed. The vet discovered that Coffee had a severe ear infection that required cleaning and medication, an additional cost that they had not planned on.

The family contacted Labrador Harbor and we agreed to help cover the costs related to the ear infection - which had been an unforeseeable expense. Labrador Harbor would like to extend congratulations to this couple who opened their home to Coffee when she needed a family the most. Her family reports that she has filled a hole in their hearts in the short time she has been with them.


Kona - 1 year old Chocolate Labrador - Female

Update 3/22/07

Sent from Fetching Companions - Here are the latest info and a few photos that we received from the family who adopted Kona, the young chocolate female lab helped by your group (thank goodness! - she was one of our most expensive dogs due to her propensity to chew on her tail, getting around E-collars and Bite-Not collars).  Kona now has a 6 inch long tail, which fits in well with the family's other dog, a nice female Boxer named Scarlet.  [Lab Harbor's donation] paid for the final (3rd) tail amputation.  The first one was about the same amt., but the second one, which was done at the emergency clinic, was about twice that much, plus we had had to take her in for temporary repairs four times for between $60 and $80 each.  As you can see, your donation helped us when we were running out of funds for her care, and came at at most propitious time.

Thank you very much for your support!  It allowed us to continue to rescue dogs and find them great homes, instead of having to stop bringing in new dogs for a while.

Success Story 7/27/06

Kona was rescued by Fetching Companions ( an injured her tail during boarding. Her wounds were treated but Kona kept re-injuring her tail and the only option was for her tail to be amputated. Labrador Harbor covered the cost of the surgery on behalf of Fetching Companions to help Kona maintain an active lifestyle.

Hunter - 6-7 year old Chocolate Labrador - Male

Hunter Update: 8/16/06

We are saddened to report that Dr. Basher's further testing on Hunter's eyes revealed that Hunter does indeed have Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). Hunter's family thanks everyone who helped to get Hunter this evaluation. Labrador Harbor will continue to work with Hunter's family as needed.

Hunter Update: 7/20/06

Dr. Basher's evaluation of Hunter requires further testing to determine if Hunter will be good candidate for cataract surgery. Dr. Basher's concern is that Hunter may have Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - a genetic, inherited disease of the retina (the "film" in the camera), which occurs in both eyes simultaneously (more information on PRA available here).

Hunter Update: 6/30/06

Labrador Harbor is working with Dr. Basher of the Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego to get Hunter the help he needs. Dr. Basher will be providing Hunter with a free examination and Labrador Harbor will be covering the costs of any tests required during the evaluation. We will know about how Dr. Basher might be able to help in mid July.

Hunter's Story

Hunter is a 6-7 yr old Chocolate Lab.  He was given up to a local rescue when he wandered onto someone's property who were not able to find his owners. Hunter's current mom volunteered with that rescue and became Hunter's foster mom.  Their family fell madly in love with Hunter from day one and decided to adopt him.  He seemed to fit right in, just like a puzzle piece.  Hunter arrived partially sited.  With Hunter having vision problems and the family's 5 yr old son visually impaired, the match just seemed "meant to be". Hunter could navigate the doorways and steps just fine. But within the last few months Hunter went completely blind and now bumps into walls, doors, and trips over toys.  Recently, the family has gone through some major financial setbacks and cannot get the needed eye surgery that will allow Hunter to live a happy and complete life.  He should be running with the other dogs in the back yard and chasing balls. 

Hunter needs cataract surgery to improve his quality of life!
- Hunter's Family (name withheld)


Bubba - 8 year old Black Labrador - Male

Success Update 6/8/06
Bubba had surgery May 9th at VCA Central Animal Hospital in the City of Upland, California. They amputated his leg. He was suffering and he was going through a lot of pain and when I took him in to take X rays to see if he had cancer anywhere else, the results were: He didn't have cancer anywhere but his paw!! The Vet recommended amputating his leg to prevent spreading and prolong his life, and we went with it.
This has been a tremendous relief for our family knowing that Bubba is OK now. When we picked him up from the hospital, I was ecstatic to see him safe after successful surgery. Although it was quite shocking for me to see him with only three legs, I quickly got used to it and so has he. The doctor and my son talked to me and tried to make me understand that he will be fine and that there are dogs that live with three legs. Some people don't understand, but we see Bubba, not just as a pet, but as a part of our family and we will do anything to make sure he stays with us.
The surgery was $2,489.00. At first, I didn't have enough to pay for it, but many family members and friends chipped in because they knew how much Bubba means to us. We thank you for all the help and support you've given us, and hope you can help many others in need. It's only been a week, and Bubba is allready running around and being his old playful self.

Thanks again for your support!!
Bubba's family!

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