Labrador Harbor has distributed over $84,000 in funds and helped over 570 dogs to date.

Bear's Hope Fund was opened in honor of Bear Frounfelter who lost her sweet life to bone cancer. Our wish is that Labrador Harbor can provide a dedicated source of funds to help Labs that have been diagnosed with cancer yet given a good prognosis for survival with treatment. We also hope this fund will allow donors to give to a specific cause, knowing that all donations to Bear's Hope Fund will directly help to treat Labs battling cancer.


While many non-profit groups raise funds to help specific breeds, very few groups will help assist dogs with cancer. Over the past years we have seen many dogs survive their diagnosis and, with treatment, live with an excellent quality of life.

Donations are encouraged at all times. Please do indicate that your donation should be allocated to Bear's Hope Fund. Labrador Harbor is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. All donations are tax deductible.


Grants from Bear's Hope Fund will be available to families who qualify for funding under our standard guidelines. Labrador Harbor will use the funds as needed to specifically assist Labs who have a good prognosis from their treating specialist. The funds will not be used for exploratory surgeries, biopsy testing, or any other service unrelated to the direct treatment of an official diagnosis.


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