Labrador Harbor is committed to providing assistance to Labrador Retrievers of all ages, in permanent homes or within non-profit rescue organizations in Texas. We strongly believe that all Labs, regardless of age, deserve to live quality lives with people who love them. Labrador Harbor may assist with funding medical intervention, as well as training or other special care that may be necessary to enhance quality of life.
Labrador Harbor believes that each Lab is unique and reviews each application for assistance on an individual basis.
The following are general eligibility guidelines:
•  Dog may be privately owned, or in foster/rescue in Texas. (See additional guidelines for Rescue groups)
•  All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
•  Dog must have an official diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian.
•  Dog must be in need of medical/surgical or training intervention which the dog's guardian cannot provide due to lack of funding options. If the treating veterinarian offers Care Credit, owner must apply for funds prior to requesting assistance. Intervention must be over and above routine care (defined as vaccinations, basic obedience, spay/neuter, food and shelter).
•  If the dog is in rescue, the intervention will increase the adoptability of the dog.
•  Funding is determined by need and total cost of intervention, and verification of such through communication with treating veterinarian/trainer is required. All treatment options must be considered and Labrador Harbor may require a second opinion.
•  Dog must be spayed/neutered prior to receiving funds, or provide written documentation from the treating veterinarian and guardian that health doesn't permit, but the dog will be spayed/neutered as soon as his/her health permits.
•  Applicant must provide a photo of the Lab, and agree to allow Labrador Harbor to use photo, necessary treatment, and follow-up information on the Labrador Harbor web site.
•  Emergency funds may be released at the discretion of the Labrador Harbor Board of Directors.
•  Labrador Harbor cannot fund after an intervention has been completed and veterinarian has received payment. If emergency treatment is needed, please attempt to contact Labrador Harbor via telephone, 619-770-0457. Otherwise, applicant must provide written documentation from the treating veterinarian that treatment was of an urgent nature, and delaying treatment would have endangered or caused significant discomfort to the Lab. Labrador Harbor will not release funds after the bill is paid.
Please note that Labrador Harbor funding policies require that your Labrador have an official diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian. Labrador Harbor cannot, at this time, cover costs involved in symptom diagnosis.
--Please note that all approved funds will be disbursed directly to the treating veterinarian, trainer, or other provider.
Additional Eligibility Guidelines for Rescue Groups:
•  Funding requests will require proof of financial need and will not be approved for rescue groups with over a set bank balance, determined by the Labrador Harbor Board. Labrador Harbor restricts the dollar amount that any one group may receive in a calendar year. These balances and limits remain undisclosed, as Labrador Harbor encourages rescue organizations to be selective in their applications, and to aggressively raise funds on their own.
•  Special consideration will be made for rescue groups that rehabilitate and re-home a high percentage of senior (over age 8) and medical needs dogs.
Labrador Harbor reserves the right to revoke approval of funding for any reason prior to the Lab's treatment. Reasons this may occur include, but are not limited to:

- Failure of the applicant to provide complete and accurate information.
- Failure of the applicant to complete the approved treatment within 30 days of notification of approval (without a verifiable reason for the delay).
Labrador Harbor verifies all information with the treating veterinarian or other provider, including proposed treatment, prognosis, cost, and availability of payment options.

To apply for funds, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to Labrador Harbor's eligibility guidelines, Privacy Policy, and grant permission to Labrador Harbor to contact the treating veterinarian/provider to discuss my case. APPLY FOR FUNDS NOW.

Please review our Privacy Policy before contacting Labrador Harbor.

Labrador Harbor is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.
Contact us at sue.labharbor@gmail.com for more information.

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